Your Name In Hawaiian – D

Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
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Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it:


Daisy – Kaiki
Dakota – Kakoka
Dale – Kaila
Dallas – Kalaka
Damon – Kamona
Dan – Kana
Dana – Kaniela
Daniel – Kaniele
Danielle – Kaniele
Danny – Kani
Daphne – Kapane
Darin – Kalina
Darlene – Kalina
Daryl -Kalela
Darwin – Kalawina
Daryn – Kalina
David – Kawika
Dawn – Kana
Dean – Kini
Debbie – Keoi
Deborah – Kepola
Dee – Ki
Deirdre – Kelekela
Della – Kela
Denise – Kenike
Dennis – Kenika
Derek – Keleka
Desiree – Kekili
Dexter – Kekela
Diana – Kiana
Dick – Likeke
Dinah – Kina
Dionne – Kiona
Dixie – Kiki
Dolores – Kolokeke
Don – Kona
Donald – Konala
Donna – Kona
Doreen – Kolina
Doris – Kolika
Dorothy – Lkolokea
Douglas – Koukalaka
Duane – Kuane
Dudley – Kukali
Duke – Kuke
Duncan – Kunakana
Dwight – Kuaika
Dylan – Kilana

Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

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  1. I am going to have a luau party for my daughter in 2 weeks. I am going to print name tags for her friends in Hawaiian.
    But I have problem translating names like Ayushi, Yara, Effa. Please help.

  2. Hey i was wondering if you could translate my name in Hawaiian. Please. Thanks, Destiny.

  3. I have my name but want to find out for my 2 cousin’s their names

    One is : Dwinna Dean
    Now if I try to do it I come out with ( Kwina Keana )
    But when I look up Dean it’s Kini ?

    The 2nd one is Yoby Angeline

    These are the only ones I need


  4. Hey so I’m a girl and my name is Dylan, and I was wondering if the translation would be any different because I’m a girl and Dylan is traditionally a guy’s name. Also, I’d like to know if Kilana means anything, or if it’s just a name. Mahalo!

  5. I got a necklace 20+ years ago for my first name of Dennis. It was purchased from a reputable Hawaiian jewelry dealer. The translation was Kaneka. Now I see on your site and several others my name is Kenika. When did this change and how can I trust anyone anymore?

  6. Love the Hawaiian language, it sounds like language of music! Wish I could speak it.

  7. Dennis – Hawaiian has no “d” or “s”, and all words have to end in a vowel, so a name like yours has to be approximated. According to the transliteration rules I’ve seen, ” Kenika” might be more correct, since it preserves the vowels in your name, plus it’s common to add an “a” as the vowel at the end when there is none in English. But I’ve also seen your name as “Kenike.” Since it’s not a naturally Hawaiian name, it’s going to vary, and some names are more straightforward to transliterate than others.

  8. Kawika means what David means. Kawika is just the transliteration of David (k for d, w for v, vowel added at end).

    Kama does happen to have a meaning in Hawaiian, because it just happens to be an actual word in Hawaiian – it can mean “child”.

    There is nothing that would change to make a name (like Dylan) male or female.

  9. Hi, I was wondering what my friend’s name, Deanna, is in Hawaiian. I couldn’t find it on here. Mahalo! 🙂

  10. Aloha (: I was wondering if you could translate three names for me, mine, Darcey, and then Shayna and Lyla

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