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Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
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Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it:


Kaelene – Kaelene 
Kaelin – Kaeline
Kai – Kai (water)
Kailey – Kailei
Kaili – Kaili
Kailyn – Kailine
Kaira – Kaila
Kaitlin – Kaikeline
Kaitlyn – Kaikeline
Kaity – Kaiki
Kara – Kala
Kareem – Kalemi
Karen – Kalena
Kari – Kali
Karianna – Kaliana
Karie – Kalie
Karin – Kalina
Karissa – Kalika
Karl – Kale
Karla – Kalala
Karlene – Kalene
Karlee – Kale
Karli – Kali
Karlita – Kalika
Karly – Kali
Karsen – Kalakine
Karsten – Kalakeni
Karyn – Kaline
Kas – Kaka
Kasaundra – Kakaunokola
Kasey – Kakei
Kasie – Kakie
Kassi – Kaki
Kassie – Kakie
Kat – Keka
Katana – Kakana
Katarina – Kakalina
Kate – Keke
Katelin – Kakeline
Katelyn – Kakeline
Katha – Kaka
Kathee – Kake
Katherine – Kakalina
Kathie – Kakie
Kathleen – Kakalina
Kathrine – Kakalina
Kathryn – Kaline
Kathy – Kaki
Kathyrina – Kakilina
Kati – Kaki
Katia – Kakia
Katiana – Kakiana
Katie – Keke
Katie-Jo – Kakie-Io
Katina – Kakina
Katjia – Kakiia
Kato – Kako
Katrice – Kalike
Katrina – Kalina
Katy – Kaki
Katya – Kakia
Katina – Kakina
Kay – Kei
Kaya – Kaia
Kaycee – Kaike
Kayden – Kaikeni
Kaydrie – Kaikelie
Kaye-Ann – Kaie-ana
Kayhan – Kaihana
Kayla – Kaila
Kaylee – Kaile
Kayleen – Kaileni
Kayleena – Kailena
Kayleigh – Kaileikehe
Kaylene – Kailene
Kaylie – Kailie
Kaylin – Kailine
Kayliph – Kailipe
Kaylyn – Kailine
Kaywanda – Kaiwanaka
Keenan – Kenana
Keila – Keila
Keisha – Keika
Keith – Kika
Kelan – Kelana
Kelby – Kelipi
Keldon – Kelonu
Kele – Kele
Kelina – Kelina
Kella – Kela
Kellari – Kelali
Kellee – Kele
Kellen – Keleni
Keller – Keleli
Kelley – Keli
Kelli – Keli
Kellianne – Keliane
Kellie – Kelie
Kellina – Kelina
Kelly – Keli
Kelsey – Kelikei
Kelsy – Kelikei
Kelton – Kelikonu
Kelvin – Kelewina
Kelynn – Keline
Ken – Keni
Kenan – Kenana
Kendall – Kenikala
Kendon – Kenikonu
Kendra – Kenikila
Kendreanna – Kenikileana
Kendrick – Kenekiki
Kenison – Kenikonu
Kenna – Kena
Kennedy – Keneki
Kenneth – Keneke
Kenni – Keni
Kenny – Keni
Kent – Keneka
Kenya – Kenia
Kenyon – Kenionu
Kerry – Keli
Kevin – Kewina
Kim – Kimo
Kimberly – Kimipele
Kirk – Keleka
Kurt – Keleka
Kyla – Kila
Kyle – Kaila
Kylee – Kile
Kyleen – Kileni
Kyler – Kileli
Kylie – Kilie
Kynan – Kinana
Kyra – Kila
Kyrie – Kilie

Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

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  1. Thank you for the conversion of names. we used your site to convert our school kids names for our Hawaian Them wea are doing. the kids loved it. Thanks Dixie School kids

  2. The closest we could find was Kaelin, which is Kaeline. Also, Kaylin or Kaylyn is Kailine. Hope this helps naomi!

  3. my given hawaiian name is Kalaulahauoli. My mom and uncles and aunties are long passed and I wish I had asked them what it meant. Can you help me? My mom’s maiden last name was Nainoa.

  4. I tried looking for my name [Kasey] in this list but I cant find it. I even tried looking for it in the “C” category for “Casey”. But still no luck. Do you think you can help me? Please!

  5. Hola! I would like a couple of names translated: Regine, Atlantis, Essence, and Amira. Thanks!

  6. Oops! I frogot a name! Keiann… Please and thank you these girls’ names are difficult to find!

  7. Hola! Could you please translate the girls name Amya (ah-my-ah), and the boys name Kylar.

  8. Aloha Hauoli, we don’t normally do Hawaiian to English translation, but a quick search online gave us the following:

    ka = the
    laula = wide/broad/free
    hau`oli = happy/glad/joy

    Hope this helps!

  9. Aloha Kyla. We could not find Keiann. We’ll look for the others you requested and post them to the appropriate letter. Mahalo!

  10. Aloha Jen. Could not find Amya, but Kylar (spelled with an E) is Kileli. Hope this helps!

  11. Aloha kennedy. Sorry it’s not on time, but Kennedy was already on the list. It’s Keneki. Hope this helps!

  12. Hi, I was wondering what the name Kris is in Hawaiian. But it’s for a woman. Thanks so much :}

  13. I also wrote on the T section, but since I cannot seem to find quite a few of the names, here are the names of my kids, if you get a chance, would you give me the Hawaiian equivalent?
    Samantha, Tristan, Maxwell, Katy, Alexander, Joshua, Christopher.


  14. Is the name Kaliana Hawaiian? If so would anyone happen to know the meaning? Would there be another spelling that would be pronounced the same? (Kalee Ana). We really like this name, but need to find some meaning.

    Thank you!

  15. Hi, I’m kristi, 12 years old. I’m writing a story about a Hawaiian princess. I need a name for the king And queen. Please gives me a list

  16. Hi, i’m trying to find the name for my friend, Her name is Katie (Kate, but her nickname is Katie) Thanks, Chloe

  17. I was hoping someone can tell me the meaning of our Family’s last name…it was shortened from Kaleiwaheaokalanikapuwainui. I would like to know what the original name stands for and if we changed its meaning by cutting it short.

  18. I am trying to find out what my grandmothers name meant,, It is Ka’heaokalani,,, Please help,,, Mahalo

  19. Hi,

    Can you provide me with a Hawaiian translation for 3 names. the Names are Kyson, Karisma and Colton. I would like to know their
    Hawaiian Names. THanks you for your time

  20. Hi! can someone please help me! my hawii name is Kaikeline but i dont know how to pronounce it
    thank you!

  21. Kali’opani could be Hawaiian as far as the spelling and rules of the language- the ‘okina in particular makes me think so, but it’s not a name I’ve ever heard, nor that has any discernible meaning. Kalio (no ‘okina) is a name I’ve heard and a phrase I might use, if infrequently. If I had to guess, I’d guess that it was a error/typo of Kapi’olani, a very common place name (park, street, hospital…) and the name of one of our ancestral queens.

    Incidentally, a quick google search shows that Kaliopani is a place in Nepal. Interesting if not relevant.

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