Your Name In Hawaiian – M

Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
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Scroll down to your name in the list below and find its Hawaiian Name equivalent next to it:


Mable – Meipala
Mack – Maka
Maddie – Makie
Maddox – Makoku
Maddy – Maki
Madeline – Makelina
Madge – Makake
Madie – Makie
Madilyn – Makiline
Madison – Makikonu
Madonna – Makona
Makayla – Makaila
Makenna – Makena
Makenzie – Makenikie
Mamie – Mame
Manou – Manu
Manuel – Manuela
Marcia – Malakia
Margaret – Makaleka
Margery – Makelina
Margie – Malakia
Margo – Mako
Margot – Makoka
Maria – Malia
Marianne – Meleana
Marie – Malia
Marilyn – Melelina
Marina – Malina
Marino – Malino
Mario – Malio
Marion – Maliona
Marjorie – Makoli
Mark – Maleko
Marlene – Malina
Marlon – Malona
Marlys – Malika
Marsha – Maleka
Marshall – Malekala
Martha – Maleka
Martin – Malakina
Marty – Maleki
Marvin – Malawina
Mary – Male
Marylou – Melelu
Matthew – makaio
Maude – Mauke
Maureen – Maulena
Maurice – Maulike
Mavis – Mewike
Maxine – Makina
May – Mei
Maynard – Meinala
Meg – Meki
Megan – Mekana
Meggie – Mekie
Meghan – Mekana
Melanie – Melani
Melinda – Melinaka
Melissa – Melika
Melvin – Melewina
Melody – Melokia
Meranda – Melanaka
Mercedes – Mekeke
Mercury – Melikuli
Meredith – Melekike
Meri – Meli
Merideth – Melikeki
Merle – Mele
Merlene – Melene
Merlin – Meline
Merrill – Melile
Merritt – Melike
Merton – Mekonu
Mervin – Meliwine
Mia – Mia
Michael – Mikala
Micheline – Mikalina
Michelle – Mikala
Mike – Mikala
Milan – Milana
Mildred – Milikeleka
Miles – Mileka
Millicent – Milikena
Millie – Mileka
Milton – Milikona
Minnie – Mine
Miriam – Miliama
Mitchell – Mikela
Mona – Mona
Monica – Monika
Monte – Monoke
Morris – Moleka
Moses – Moke
Muriel – Miuliela
Mya – Mia
Myka – Mika
Mylee – Mile
Myleen – Mileni
Myles – Mileka
Myma – Milena
Mynda – Mineka
Myra – Malia
Myrna – Milena
Myron – Mailona
Myrtha – Mika
Myrtle – Makala

Hawaiian Names Starting With the Letter:
A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

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  1. Aloha,
    I was wondering if Meredith has a name in Hawaiian, Meredith is NOT shortened to Mary. Thanks for your help

  2. Aloha Faye,

    Joanne is under the J section, and not sure what you meant by “The Hen”… Henry however is under H. Good luck!

  3. I was wondering what is my mom’s hawaiian name? Her english name is Gilda she wanted to know thanks

  4. Um, I need to know what the Hiwiian name for Michaela (mik-aye-lah) is. Im gonna see if she knows what in the world she’s being called.

  5. What is the Hawiian name for Leslie. And If you have this information, I was looking for the names of the Hawiian girls thatwere on past American Idols

  6. What the Fuck is this!!!! This is racist and bullshit!!!! None of these words actually mean the english name. These words have actual meanings and some of these words aren’t even hawaiian. To do this to the HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE, thats pretty DISRESPECTFUL!!!

  7. There are NO actual Hawaiian words for names. These words or “names” are just Hawaiian words that are similar to the English version. NO there are not LEGIT!
    Look up any name you want in a Hawaiian Dictionary rather then go online.
    This website is a hoax and was set up to satisfy all you Haole (or Cauasian’s) that think they’re Hawaiian.
    Only certain Names are true, like the ones you find in a Bible.
    Mahalo Nui Loa.

  8. Mahalo!!!!
    We are hawaiian an I am very proud of my bloodline.
    But I have a brother that has only been there once,an think”s he know”s everything about hawaiian name”s.
    To the point that he even has his grown children changing their name”s ,not legally but on social networking to hawaiian name”s.
    We are full blood hawaiian”s, we are both married to haloe”s an our children”s name”s are they are after their mother”s side for my brother an my husband side for me.
    Some do have hawaiian translation”s but I feel out of respect for our parent”s culture an our”s is to learn the Full Hawaiian Language an The Meaning behind the translation, not just because it sound”s cool….which I have run into with my niece”s.
    It just upset”s me that they change their name or make sure people know they have hawaiian in them because they think it is cool not because they want to learn about their root”s.
    My mother started teaching me the hula when I was 3 an I done the same with my daughter,an will also do the same with my granddaughter if I am to be blessed with one
    i guess the whole reason behind this message is….. be proud of your ancestor”s….don”t use them to make yourselves look good

  9. Aloha. my name is malik and just want to say that you are doing a job well appreciated,i really need you to help me with this task,i want to get married to a girl from hawaii and i dont knoiw how to go about it. am from africa,west africa to be precise,thats the basic for now.thanks for the anticipated help.

  10. hello my name is jenea and i was wondering what the translation for Angleica, Diego,Alex, Colton, and Jenea would be?

  11. Hawaiian an proud of it!
    my tutu (grandmother) started
    Na Hawaii O Kaleponi (the hawaiians of California) hula troop and school.

    Be Proud of your ancestors we have done Great things!
    learn the hula! male and female. learn the Ukulele, Live Hawaiian!
    i cant help it so if you cant no worries im doing enough for you too!
    In case anyone didnt know this but Hawaii has the only PALACE in our country. yes hawaii used to have a monarchy

    anywhos too much pakalolo alhoaz and mahalo!

  12. What is Mary Kinsey? Do you use the two separate names? If so, what is Kinsey, it was not listed in the k’s. Thank you

  13. What is Clairesse? My friend is having a hawian birthday and i want to call her by that name. I looked but it wasnt isted in the c’s. Thanks

  14. please tell me my hawaiian name. the closest I got is Marylou my middle name is Irene this is Ailina in hawaiian, right? mahalo

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