Aloha `Oe

“Aloha `Oe” Lyrics – Written by: Queen Liliuokalani

Buy this Album!Ha`aheo ka ua i nâ pali
Ke nihi a`ela i ka nahele
E hahai (uhai) ana paha i ka liko
Pua `âhihi lehua o uka

Aloha `oe, aloha `oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace,
A ho`i a`e au
Until we meet again

`O ka hali`a aloha i hiki mai
Ke hone a`e nei i
Ku`u manawa
`O `oe nô ka`u ipo aloha
A loko e hana nei

Maopopo ku`u `ike i ka nani
Nâ pua rose o Maunawili
I laila hia`ia nâ manu
Miki`ala i ka nani o ka lipo


Proudly swept the rain by the cliffs
As it glided through the trees
Still following ever the bud
The `ahihi lehua of the vale

Farewell to you, farewell to you
The charming one who dwells in the shaded bowers
One fond embrace,
‘Ere I depart
Until we meet again

Sweet memories come back to me
Bringing fresh remembrances
Of the past
Dearest one, yes, you are mine own
From you, true love shall never depart

I have seen and watched your loveliness
The sweet rose of Maunawili
And ’tis there the birds of love dwell
And sip the honey from your lips

Tia Carrere – Aloha `Oe
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Amy Hanaiali`i – Aloha `Oe
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0 thoughts on “Aloha `Oe

  1. Simple and beautiful, as I believe the Queen meant it to be.
    So many versions have the big band or orchestra. This is more beautiful. Heartfelt.

  2. I had a hawaiin teacher in 4th grade who made us learn and sing this crap song. She was obsessed with her idiotic hawaiin background and made us make leis and grass skirts and eat disgusting poi and dig a pit to roast a dead pig. She was vile, and when I finally ( as an AP student who was about 1000 times smarter than her) questioned the constant deviation from the syllabus and curiculum, she hit me. She was fired. HAwaiins need to shut up about their embarrasing state and work like the rest of the world.

  3. Seriously? Why do you hate Hawaii because of a silly incident like that? Hawaii is a beautiful place, and the people from it are Americans as well.

  4. TO: “Hate Hawaii”
    I am disgusted. If you have no idea what your talking about you shouldn’t open your mouth to speak. Ff you were so intelligent, then educate me about this “crap song” that you had to sing everyday. Your an “AP” student so you should know exactly what this song meant and why our last reigning Queen wrote it. Do you know what she felt behind it, the fear, sorrow, and tears it brought to her!! I bet you don’t. Just because you are an uncultured individual does not mean that you have the right to bash another culture. But if you were so smart you probably would have known that.

  5. The one going as “Hate Hawaii” sounds like a typical mean girl (or guy) who thinks the world revolves around them. As an AP student myself when I was in high school in the 80’s, I am embarrassed this brat is giving the AP and honors programs a bad name with his/her post. Having visited Hawaii a few times in the past two years, I have come to love the people, their culture, and their history. I have particularly come to appreciate not only the legacy of Queen Liluokalani, but also those of Queen Emma, King Kalakaua, Prince Jonah Kuhio, Duke Kahanamoku, Aunty Genoa Keawe, Aunty Irmgard Aluli, and Eddie Aikau. Being a Latino who grew up in a multicultural Los Angeles neighborhood, liking and interfacing with other cultures was simply the norm. And even more so in such a beautiful place as Hawaii.

  6. I think the song Aloha Oe is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I heard it sung at a funeral once and thre was not a dry eye in the church. Profoundly beautiful.

  7. Hawaiian culture and history are treasures. Aloha Oe and the story behind it is a great representation of the spirit and beauty of Hawaii. Although, the tragedy of mistreatment of the queen inspired the song… she sings about her love and appreciation of Hawaii and the Hawaiian people.

  8. I want to say that this song means more than just words written down, its feeling and emotion. Losing something/someone or being forced to let it go. Knowing that one day that you will be reunited.
    I was introduced to this song because it was used in the movie Lilo & Stitch. But it is beautiful and wish that more people could understand the deeper meaning behind it.
    I’m not Hawaiian nor do I have Hawaiian decent, but I can still appreciate this song.
    Thank you.

  9. Beautiful song! We have been to Hawaii several times, and have developed a real love for the native Hawaiian culture and peoples. If only the rest of the world could be this peaceful and appreciative of their fellow man and nature.

  10. @ Hate Hawaii

    Aloha Oe is fairly compelling music, and I know enough to know why. I gather that AP was wasted on you. And, you seem to be a peeved Vegan, which doesn’t help, I presume. Aloha Oe was good enough for Cash and Presley, as well as the ethnic Hawaiians; you, small person, are not good enough for Aloha Oe, which is truly quite sad.

  11. I feel very sorry for you”hate Hawaii”. Will you write a happy song if someone take your freedom and put you under arrest?As long as you have the word”hate” in your vocabulary, you are not a credited person to say something about other culture that you have no knowledge enough
    to even think about it. Because for us Hawaiians, you are the “Pig’s”shit you had mentioned. As the Spain people destroyed the Inca, Azteca and others great civilizations, the USA did the same to our place. I am really sorry for you! Poor living thing!

  12. Like the American Indians, so the Hawaiians, went through the same tragedies. I have a deep respect for this culture, and what their Queen had – the bravery to write this song and the beauty to make it last forever – never to be forgotten.

  13. Hate Hwaii: You are a dunce. An AP student? Likely not. A fool? Yes. I was a nocturnal person; I slept in class all year long and nothing would work to correct that, then, at the end of the year, without studying much, if any, I passed every grade, and skipped three. Had two engineering degrees by the time I was 19 years old. (My mother had her first doctorate at 20 years old.) Hawaiians are, generally speaking, among the sweetest people on the Earth and their music is lovely and enchanting, often haunting, reflecting the kindness of spirit inherent in their culture; especially played on a steel guitar…and their lyrics are amazing and most often carry the heart-felt messages inherent in their brand of humanity. I have never met anyone who dislikes Hawaii, Hawaiians, or Hawaiian music accross the board, and especially not due to such stupidity as you portray. I was blessed to have enjoyed being taught by people of all nationalities and walks of life, and the things I learned from them, even as an adult, all have blessed me with an open mind, a good life and an understanding and an appreciation of diverse cultures, their histories and ways of life. From their finest art and music, to their style of waging warfare and beyond. You are a fool.

  14. This song has been stuck on replay ever since I’ve found it. It really has a deep meaning and the way it’s sung….very heartfelt. To whomever “Hate Hawaii” is, you’re probably a descendant from one of the haoles who helped destroy a precious culture. Sometimes I think what our world would be like if the greedy haoles and Spaniards never oppressed other lands instilling their “civilized” ideals and whatnot. Sure, I may be hated on, people may say “you wouldn’t be free without the help of Americans” or “You wouldn’t have the technology you have today”. But think about it, we aren’t really free…we all work, day in and day out….we’re shackled into the system. I don’t know, for the people trying to understand what my point is, I guess you have to really have your own mind and not one that is programmed to follow what we’ve been taught by our oppressors. Oh well….judge me…

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