Filipino Moods

“Filipino Moods” – e-Hawaii Joke

There were three Filipino friends who were invited to a Mood Party. In order to be allowed access into the party, each person had to make an appearance as a mood or feeling.

The first guy went to the supermarket and bought a pear. The second, bought a dress and the last bought a custard pie.

Confused with each other, they decided to go to the party and let the host clear things up between them.

The host of the party opens the door and asks the first Filipino guy, “What’s the pear for?” The Filipino guy sticks out his thumb and plops the pear right over his thumb. Baffled, the host asks what this all means. The Filipino guy answers, “I’m in ‘dis pear (despair)!” The host smiles and let’s him in.

The second one busts out his dress. When asked to explain, he takes off all of his clothes, throws them to the corner and wears the dress. He then explains, “I’m in ‘dis dress (distress)!” The host then smiles again and let’s him in as well.

By this point, the host thinks he has everybody down. All of the sudden, the third guy pulls his pants down to his knees and proceeds to give it to the custard pie that he brought. Bewildered beyond belief, the host asks what the heck this guy is doing on his porch making love to a custard pie!

The last Filipino guy replies,”I’m f*cking ‘dis custard!”

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