King Of the Jungle: The Sequel

“King Of the Jungle: The Sequel” – e-Hawaii Joke

… As the lion kept on ragging on all the other animals, the hyena and the rhino was talking. “Eh! Rhino, brah I tired of hearing the lion’s stink mouth saying ‘who da man, who da man.’ brah das bull shit. We go pound ’em.” So the rhino said “shoots!” so they waited until the lion came around, then bam! They started pounding out the lion, beating the crap out of him. After they was pau kicking the lions ass they went walk away. As the hyena was walking away the lion got up shook off the effects and went rush the hyena, the lion was cracking the hyena mean kine. And the rhino, as he was walking could see but acted like he nevah. After the lion wen kick hyena’s ass he said “what hyena who da man?” all sore, da hyena said “you lion, you lion.” the hyena ran to the rhino and said “ho! You punk why you nevah help me, I know you seen my ass getting licken’s.” the rhino replied “sorry brah, the way you was laughing I thought you had everything under control!”

(Submitted via email by “Kipi”)

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