No Look Good

“No Look Good” – e-Hawaii Joke

One day, a farmer’s horse had died and he needed another horse to pull his plow.

As the farmer was walking down the road, he saw a horse eating grass in the pasture and questioned the owner. “How much money would you like for that horse?”

The Filipino man replied, “He not por sale. Him no look too good.”

The farmer looked at the horse and said, “He looks fine to me! How much for the horse?”

The Filipino man again said, “Excuse me sir, but the horse, he no look too good.”

The farmer got a little frustrated and gave the man 3 hundred dollars and said, “The horse looks fine to me… I’ll take it.”

The Filipino man said, “Tank you sir! But the horse. He no look good.”

The farmer just got the horse and walked away shaking his head. He went home and hooked the horse up to the plow. The horse went everywhere except straight.

After a careful examination, the farmer discovered that the horse was blind! He was angry and went back to the Filipino man and said that his horse was blind.

Again the Filipino man replied, “I told you sir. He no look too good!” (Get it? No Look Good?! Can’t see well?)

(Submitted via email by “Papabu”)

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