Tongan In the Mirror

“Tongan In the Mirror” – e-Hawaii Joke

A Tongan stood in front of the Mirror and asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all?” and the Mirror replied *craaack!*

(Submitted via email by “smackdownqueen”)

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  • Then dnt look in the mirror gal buahahahahahahahah ur too smackdown ugly to get a response like tat crrraaaaaaccccckkkk ur asss

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha
    i like this wun buh no offence tew da tongans out dea

  • Hella dry bluhd! Smackdownqueen, yous the queen at getting smacked down aye? Lol.
    What did the mirror do after Smackdownqueen looked in it?
    – it quit. LMBO! Bufu trick!

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