Tongans In the Tub

“Tongans In the Tub” – e-Hawaii Joke

Q) What do you call 3 Tongans guys in a tub?


(Submitted via email by “Sonja”)

6 thoughts on “Tongans In the Tub

  1. hahahaha urself u must look like one to write tis drrrryyyyyy joke not even funny go cook sum curry

  2. dat was the driest joke ever

    plis try not tew post nefin dry on the net if u dnt fink its funny koz it aint


  3. u hella cold man this is not funny seriosly why u made this it aint cool must be u in the bath tub bawahahahahaha,,,,,,,,…………………….mohe siko alu a koe kai ho tae pe alu ho fufulu ho tuniku

  4. What do you call Sonja in the zoo?
    Making herself feel comfy. LOL!
    Flat! Flat! Flat! FLAT! hatin’ fo’ free bluhd!

  5. Who cares? You all pale in comparison to a true Aleut warrior! Smack day walrus!

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