Road Rage in Hawaii Nei – Ryan Arakaki

In one of the most talked about videos to come out of Hawaii in recent history, this clip, shot and uploaded by Ryan Arakaki, shows an irate Kimberly Ong cursing and weaving in and out of traffic near Moanalua Shopping Center after Arakaki allegedly cut her off. Of course, nobody knows what really happened prior to the start of this video, but here’s Arakaki’s take:

This lady was looking down at something, maybe on her phone or something else but there was a good car and a half length of free space in front of her so I changed lanes (she was completely still, not moving at all waiting for red light to change). As I made my turn I could hear the lady’s horn blaring. I looked in my rear view and I could see she was visibly upset. She continued to tail gate me and follow me closely. She then tried to either overtake me or get on the side of me to try and run me off the road. She did this a few times. I slowly drove the speed limit and made it to a shopping center near by. At this point the lady continued to follow me and I knew she wasn’t going to let me go so I took out my phone and started recording her. The following is what happened.

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