Bocha – Pidgin English Definition

(boh chah)

Definition: originally derived from the Japanese word for splash (bocha bocha), it is used to describe bathing
Used In A Sentence: Time fo dinnah! Go bocha one quick one.
In English?: Please go take a bath before we all sit down for dinner.

2 thoughts on “bocha

  1. while many early japanese immigrants came here from yamaguchi, hiroshima, and fukuoka….osaka prefecture may currently use the similar term, bacha-bacha (like birds splashing in water ). bocha-bocha may have originally been a term specific to a region or during a time period pre-1920. many customs and phrases in hawaii reflect a time warp freezing us in time for the last 100 years. in the effort to retain old customs and traditions……some younger japanese nationals (bobora) may be puzzled by some of our local traditions that have been passed on for four or five generations.

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