daikon (legs)

Daikon (Legs) – Pidgin English Definition

daikon (legs)
(die kohn legs)

Definition: cellulite; legs with cottage cheese or radish-like characteristics (shape, color, etc.). Radish in Japanese is daikon.
Used In A Sentence: You seen her legs? All daikon l’dat.
In English?: That woman should probably try to work out more often. She’s got a lot of excess cellulite.

3 thoughts on “daikon (legs)

  1. as a half okinawan woman…. the term “daikon legs” does NOT refer to cellulite.. it refers to shins/calves that are in the shape of daikon. lol.

  2. I agree with johnelle, it refers to the shape of your calves not cellulite.

    I know because my ex-boyfriend called me daikon legs when we were breaking up. I have no cellulite, but I am a skinny girl with what I consider “shapely” calves. It’s definitely calves shaped like daikon.

  3. Johnelle, you are so right!
    I’m hapa too, and I have daikon legs!
    It refers to women’s legs that are, as my obaasan says, “Shapely, like a bull”, meaning that they are muscular!

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