Pidgin English Words Starting With A

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Pidgin English Words Starting With the Letter “A”

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» ai yah

» aikea

» `aina

» ainokea

» aisus

» akamai

» alas

» all buss

» aloha

» Aloha Friday

» and then?

» any kine

» a`ole

» ass why hard

» aurite

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13 thoughts on “Pidgin English Words Starting With A

  1. yo, diz website haz helpd me alot. im a white girl ya see. n iv alwaz wantd to speak piegon. THAXZ

  2. Tanks! Long time no speak pigdon. left da islands long time. Wuz speaking of good times and reminded me of home.

  3. yAh bRAh! i like this! no i liv up der at kpt but man now i liv in oregon!
    i don no how to speak pigin no moa ! well…i try no !
    Auriiiiitteee! imma bounce !

  4. Can anyone translate this for me please?

    “Hooy has so muc fun last night girl. I hope you woke up okay! Anywho nag email ako kay babae. Remember so AJ yung sinabe nya sa gabe. I kind felt bad. SO nag email ako ang feeling ko sa kanya ang gusto ko sabihin hahah. Pero it wasnt mean hahah.. Anywho had fun. Tell Naomi goodluck with baby and see her around;)”

  5. i live in vegas for 11 years…but be fo dat …born and raised in kam foa housing….grad farrington in 89…left da island in 2000…well guess wat ? i moving back home sometime this month…cause i miss everything about home…..i get hard time writing pidgin..but no problem speaking it…big time….so thanks fo teaching me how to write hana ho wit da pidgin,bumbye all pau, i going geev’um haad rub!!!!!!!okole maluna!

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