Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa
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Tie to Hawaii – Born in Honolulu, Hawaii.



Full Name: Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa
Born: August 1, 1979
Height: 6′ 4″
Weight: 210 lbs
Descent: Hawaiian/German/Irish

Jason Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Hawaiian father and German/Irish mother. At an early age, Jason moved to Iowa with his mother, where he was raised for almost 2 decades. Curious about his Hawaii roots, he returned to Hawaii for college and in 1998, was discovered, thus launching his modeling career. In 1999, he won “Hawaii’s Model of the Year” honors and then went on to play a key role as Jason Ioane on Baywatch Hawaii. After the show wrapped, Momoa remained somewhat out of the limelight until he hit with his role on Stargate Atlantis as Ronon Dex. He has been romantically linked to actress Lisa Bonet.




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  1. I was incredibly impressed with your portrayal of Khal Drogo! You really did an amazing job & homage to an incredible story…I loved the books and you brought the character straight out of the pages. Youre bound for a spiritual journey in bringing characters to life;)


  2. The man is so…….. i just cant explain what comes to mind when i see him, I really have a hard time controlling myself, they just dont make them that perfect any more anywhere, i would so love to be his one and only, who ever gets him is the luckest bitch in the world, really…..

  3. jason là một người hoàn hảo nhưng có những điều trong cuộc đời anh đầy bí ẩn và khó hiểu

  4. You don’t know it yet but you are my future boyfriend! You are very handsome & talented! Just wanted to let you know ;~p

  5. Oh my …..I could stare into those gorgeous , soulful eyes from now until eternity. Such a talented Actor; I believe what the character is going through and become a part of it . Please never stop pursuing your career, I will always be a fan.

  6. Ay mi amor tu estas de lo mas de bueno de pana q si desde q te vi en baywacth me impresione tienes una sonrisa encantadora y esos lunares me fascinan te amo desde mi corazon

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