Glenn’s Baggage Claim

“Glenn’s Baggage Claim” – e-Hawaii Joke

One day one Portuguese lady named Mrs. Medeiros was waiting for her dog at the airport and they didn’t bring it out. She went to the baggage claim and asked the clerk, Glenn “where’s my dog? I’ve been waiting half-hour already!” Glenn, said “Hold on ma’am I’ll go look for it.” Glenn went in the back and saw a small box in the corner, he opened it and in side was Mrs. Medeiros’ dog, and was DEAD!! Glenn’s okole went shut fast and he never know what to do. He was all sad, he thought if I get another dog then she not going notice that her dog was dead. He went to a pet store and saw a dog that looked just like Mrs. Medeiros’ dog. So, he bought the dog, took it back to the airport, put in the box and threw the dead dog away. He came back to the baggage claim and gave the box to Mrs. Medeiros. She opened the box, looked at the barking dog and said “This no my dog, my dog was dead, I brought back home for bury ‘um!!”

(Submitted via email by “Bubblez”)

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