Portuguese Duck Contest

“Portuguese Duck Contest” – e-Hawaii Joke

It was duck season again. One sunny afternoon out in the plantation fields, the Filipino and his next door neighbor were out shooting for ducks. The Potagee shoots a duck and it starts falling down landing on the Filipino mans territory.

The Potagee guy says “EH! That’s my duck!”

The Filipino guy says “Dat’s too bad! It oredy pell in my froperty, so it is all mine!”

They argued for about an hour.

So the Filipino guy says “Youuuu know what, we go play one game. We take turn kicking each ader in the balls, who eber gib up, lose the duck.”

So the Potagee agreed. The Filipino guy gets to kick first because it landed on his territory. He winds up and kicks him real real hard.

The Potagee man cried for ten minutes and then says, “OK, good kick, now its my turn.”

Then Filipino guy then says “Dat’s okey oredy, you can hab the duck!!!”

(Submitted via email by “Funky Filipino”)

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