Samoan Mother In Law

“Samoan Mother In Law” – e-Hawaii Joke

Q) What is the difference between a hippopotamus and a Samoan mother-in-law?

A) 2 pounds…..

(Submitted via email by “Susan”)

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  1. a palagi tourist walks into a store in samoa, and sees an old samoan man standing behind the cash registr.. the palagi man saw an item with the initials P.K. he couldnt take his eyes off it.. so he asked kindly “excuse me sir, what does P.K stand for??” the old samoan man gave him an angry look and said “stuoopd palagi… P.K., is papo kum….


  2. oKAY there was three guyz and their name was somebody nobody and crazy,yeah, so they were all watching t.v in dha morning all dha way tell mid night so then NOBODY was hungry and he told the other two guyz hez gonna look for food in the kitchen so he went to dha kitchen and all he saw was a chicken and rise so he aet it then SOMEBODY came and he said he was hungry too! but there was no more food left and then after that he ask nobody for his food but then nobody said NO! sO then somebody told him if he wont give him the food he’ll do something to him so then nobody said NO! then somebody got mad and pounch nobody in the face so they started fightin with each other then while crazy was watching t.v still, he saw them fight and then he got scared then told them to stop fightin but then two of them wouldn’t listen to him so then he ran out side to call for help but nobody was there but then he saw this security and said,”security,scurity.”SOMBODY is killing NOBODY, then the security said “WHAT” then he said it again,”SOMEBODY is killing NOBODY” then the security kept on say “WHAT” so then crazy kept on saying it and then the security got tired of it cause he could under what was he saying so he just said “are you CRAZY! then crazy replied “YEZ” ahahaa:D:D hope you onjoyed it!!

  3. ok so there was a this beautiful afakasi girl, and all the boys liked her. She would tell the boys to climb the tree next to her window at night and make an animal sound so she would know tht they were there. But her father was very strict (like all samoan fathers) and was very protective of his daughter. One night a white guy climbed up the tree and the father came running out with a gun yelling “WHO’S THERE??!!” and the white guy goes “hoo hoo!!” “oh it must be just an owl” and the father goes back inside. The next night a black guy climbed up the tree. Again the father comes running outside gun in hand yelling “WHO’S THERE??!!”. The black guy goes “meoow meooow!!” “oh it must be just a cat” and goes back inside. The following night a samoan fob fresh from the island, heard about the beautiful girl, and climbed up the tree. Like before the father came running out with his gun saying “WHO’S THERE??!” the fob remembered that he was supposed to make an animal sound so he went “MOOOOO!!!!” BANG! BANG!

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