Somebody, Nobody and Crazy

“Somebody, Nobody and Crazy” – e-Hawaii Joke

There were three guys and their names were Somebody Nobody and Crazy. They were all watching TV in da morning all da way ’til midnight. NOBODY got hungry and he told the other two guys he’s gonna look for food in the kitchen so he went to da kitchen and all he saw was chicken and rice so he ate it. Then SOMEBODY came and he said he was hungry too but there was no more food left. He then asked Nobody for his food but Nobody said NO! So then Somebody told him if he won’t give him the food he’ll do something to him, but Nobody still said NO! Then Somebody got mad and punched Nobody in the face and they started fighting with each other. Then, while CRAZY was watching TV still, he saw them fighting and got scared and told them to stop fighting but they wouldn’t listen to him so he ran outside to call for help but no one was there. But then he saw this security guard and said, “Security, security. SOMBODY is killing NOBODY!” Then the security said “WHAT!?” Then he said it again, “SOMEBODY is killing NOBODY!” Then the security kept on saying “WHAT!?” Crazy kept on saying it but eventually the security guard got tired of it ’cause he couldn’t under what was he saying so he just said “Are you CRAZY!?” Then Crazy replied “YES!”

(Submitted via email by “mOllY”)

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