Hawaiian Island Nicknames


If you’ve ever wondered what the nicknames for the eight Hawaiian Islands were, you’re not alone. Many locals don’t even know what they are! Here’s a handy list you can refer to when that trivia question comes up at your next party!

  • Oahu – The Gathering Place
  • Hawaii – The Big Island
  • Maui – The Valley Isle
  • Kauai – The Garden Isle
  • Molokai – The Friendly Isle
  • Lanai – The Private Isle (was the Pineapple Isle)
  • Niihau – The Forbidden Isle
  • Kahoolawe – The Target Isle

21 thoughts on “Hawaiian Island Nicknames

  1. Island colors

    Hawaii- Red
    Maui- Pink
    Kahoolawe- Gray
    Lanai- Orange
    Molokai- Green
    Oahu- Yellow
    Kauai- Purple
    Niihau- people debate between White and Blue

  2. hi i was wondering if big island had a nickname like the volcano isle or something like that

  3. Hi im only 9 yrs old and I’m learning about the Hawaiian islands for my project and I want to know The Hawaiian Flowers

  4. my daughter neede help learning the 8 island, the nicknames and the colors for a school project and she got it all right because of this website!!!

  5. im in the 7 grade and we are learning about the hawaiian history and i needed help really badly or else i was going to fail and because of this website i got an a my teacher and my family and friends were so proud of me thank you!!!!

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