You Know You’re Portuguese If…

“You Know You’re Portuguese If…” – e-Hawaii Joke

The day after you got married, your wife’s immediate family moved into your house, permanently.

The plastic covering is still on your lamp shades.

Every person you’ve ever introduced to your husband, has been a relative of yours.

There are two refrigerators in your house. One for regular food, the other strictly for fish, linguiça and chouriço.

There are more than three pictures of The Last Supper hanging in your kitchen.

There is a bullfighter figurine on your coffee table.

You keep fifty bags of concrete in your garage in case of emergency.

Your bikini line begins at your neck and ends at your knees.

You’re at the church wearing a lime green, polyester, tuxedo with high-water pants and a purple ruffled shirt and you’re not even in the wedding party.

You got sick of mowing the grass every week, so you just paved the entire lawn.

Your 99 year old grandmother wears a heavy, long black dress with a matching shawl at the beach.

Every Sunday morning after Mass, you spend three hours in line at the bakery waiting for fresh bread.

Your car has hundreds of purple sticky splotches all over it from grapes that have fallen off the vine that’s growing over your driveway.

Your mom has finally worn out the pair of sandals she’s been wearing since 1981, but has 68 brand new pairs just like them in her closet.

You can’t find your favorite blanket, because your mom is using it to cover 12 loaves of sweetbread in the kitchen.

You’ve been drinking red table wine since the age of six, and could out drink your Uncle Carlos by the time you were nine.

Popcorn at the movies? Not when there’s plenty of Fried Fava Beans in the house.

Every Sunday when your Uncle Joao drinks too much, he kicks a soccer ball around the yard yelling out, “GOOOOOAAAAAAAL”.

Your kitchen always smells faintly of Cod fish and Comet.

You have more than 10 fruit magnets on the front of your fridge.

The pet rabbit you named “Fluffy” on Monday became dinner on Wednesday.

You were the only eight year old in your Girl Scout Troop who had a fully developed moustache.

There are more saints in your front yard than in your church.

Every time you look down at your dinner plate, there’s something with eyeballs staring back at you.

You have more than half dozen plastic saints on your dashboard, a rosary hanging from the rear view mirror and four stuffed doggies with bobbing heads on the rear deck.

You’ve converted the basement of your house into an apartment for your cousin Fatima who’s moving here from San Miguel.

The top of your house is painted “electric blue,” the bottom is painted “puke green” and the brick wall out front is a lovely shade of “sickly purple”.

You have at least 14 Uncle Manny’s on both sides of the family.

On your first date with a boy, you sat on the sofa, he sat on the sofa and your father sat between you both.

When you were a kid, there were always fights in your house over who got to eat the egg from the sweetbread on Easter.

There’s one room in your house where the furniture is completely covered in plastic, the floor is completely covered with plastic runners and you aren’t allowed to go in there.

(Submitted via email by “Jimmy”)

3 thoughts on “You Know You’re Portuguese If…

  1. What? This is worst list I found of “You Know You’re Portuguese If/When”. Terrible.

  2. yeah this list is not vey good im portuguese and even for me some of the ponts ae like what the fuck i never saw anyone doing that

  3. ima podagee n i got 2 fridges! mwahahaha! my neighbour did paved the lawn! mwahahaha! the chouriço was right but the tilde was missing in joão. still gud effort jimmy! the houses are indeed bright coloured – i hate it, wasn’t like that some years ago. I neva imagined that podagees were so popular in hawai’i! it’s true, podagees r lolo.

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