Aisus – Pidgin English Definition

aisus (or aisoos)
(eye soos)

Definition: Filipino way of sighing aloud or saying shucks, darn, oh no!
Used In A Sentence: Aisus! I ben show you how po do um arrrrreadee!
In English?: *sigh* Didn’t I already show you how?

4 thoughts on “aisus

  1. I remember my parents saying this back when I was lil, from their explanation this actually means “Ay Jesus” or “Oh Jesus” but they just say it fast and it sounds like “Aisus”. They sometimes say “Ay sus maria ginoo” I dont know that means but I always heard it from aunties and uncles.

  2. Which dialect is that? The Ilocos Surian version is Ay sus maria josep. Which really is just “Jesus, Mary, Joseph in English.

  3. The phrase is the same in Visayan or Cebuano as well as Tagolog. I have been told it is not a very nice thing to say. It is what they jokingly say the poor or people from the mountain say. Any way, I heard this a lot from my wife’s side of the family.

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