Duane "Dog" Chapman

Duane “Dog” Chapman
(Bounty Hunter/Television Personality)

Duane Dog Chapman
[Photo Courtesy aetv.com Downloads]

Tie to Hawaii – Operates Da Kine Bail Bonds office out of Hawaii.


Raised in Denver, Dog is the oldest of four children born to Wesley and Barbara Chapman. His dad was a welder in the Navy, while his mother was a minister with the First Assembly of God who often traveled to Native American reservations to teach the gospel. Dog currently resides in Hawaii with his wife and business partner, Beth Smith, and three of his 12 children.


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  • I want to make my sons wishes come true. They just want to say hi to Dog. They are 5 and 4 and have some health issues. my 4 yr old is possibly facing brain surgery please help me get in touch with Dog and his family they make my sons nights. They said the Chapmans make them feel safe.

  • I’m currently in high school in the small town of Glendora, CA. There are many kids at my school hooked on dope. It may just be a TV show, but seeing Dog and how happy he is, and how much love he has for the fugitives he captures gives me the strength to SAY NO! Dog, you are one of the largest inpirations in my life, and it’s a long-term dream to be able to speak with you. I’ve got mad respect for you! If you’d like to speak with me my # is (626)858-8481. I would love just to say and talk for a few minutes. You’re my dog!!!!!!

  • dear dog chapman,
    my name is kathy and i waned to fulfill my dreams by meeting you because i have asthma
    and their is no cure for my diease and i would love to chat with you someday my email is honeycombk2008200002@yahoo.com and i know you know krissy bennett and keith bennette from kentucky they said they are related to you.
    my family got me your dvd’s for my christmas wish because who knows when my time may be up with my fighting diease and no cure for asthma.
    thanks again sincerly your fan mrs kathy fischer of michigan

  • hey its my girlfriends birthday soon and i was just wondering if i could get leland to sign an autograph for her it would really make her happy

  • dog and beth chapman and kids and team and bobby brown dave[red] are good bounty hunter
    we feel safer dog and beth around they are allsome job and world is safer when you are around amen.

  • Someone said you were coming to a show & shine in Vanocuver, and I wanted to show my support. Can you give me the details.
    My husband and I love your job, and your show. We watch every re-run. You are the best family ever to be broadcast, and I like your morals.
    Good luck in the future and GOD bless you all.

  • Dear dog,
    i need you to call my cell ASAP. if you still looking for Marco Padilla i have some information to where he might be. my number is 1-709-691-1580.

  • if you have info on a fugitve best contact the Dog on his official website. as for the twitter feed you have, that does not belong to the real Leland Chapman of DTBH.

  • Dear Daune Dog Chapman

    i think your tv show known as dog the bounty

    hunter should stay over on the tv airwaves for

    all year long its really cool to other people

    how to learn what bounty’s can do for the

    greater good for this world who can follow in

    your foot steps knowing that the world greats

    bounty hunter made history in the making and i

    really want to here back from you some time

    very soon take good care with lots of love

    your big number one fan from ottawa, ontario

    canada known as the midnightstallion Porter

    Dent Preston him self

  • look i watch your show and i am a x-con like you and also a born again christian and you need me on your team! i am a blackbelt and i am not scared of anything except god. call me bro. 832-205-0114


  • omg love dog the bounty hunter so much I wach him ever wensday
    when it right comes on at 8:00 in the mornnings till 10:00pm all
    the time and if any boddy mess with him I know Beth will get him and
    his sons and his brother and if they don’t I will find them myself
    and fight.

  • I am a realy dog the bouty hunter fan an i would like a call from you guys or something i am 18 years old and i have been a fan of your show sence i was 17 my number is 218-940-2709

  • Dear Dog,
    hey there is there some way i can ask you questins about bounty hunting i would like to be a bounty hunter like you call me (970) 542-1741.

  • hey i would like to become a bonds man/bounty hunter not just because i watch you on tv and think it looks fun but because i have a similar past as you never been to prison but my family was not always there and i choose the wrong path for my life i now think i could help my community by trying to help people headed down the same path so please contact me with more info please i really want to do this with my life


  • hi dog i am 12 years old i love ur show i watch it all the time i am a big fan of u u see my dad left me when i was in my mums tummy i said to my mum that i would love to met him she said u can’t because he was very violent i love ur team i wish i was a bounty hunter also he has been in prison alot of times he has hit my mum so many times i would like to see him but i may never get a chance i hope i get to see u and ur family 1 day but my wish is to see my dad soon i have msn if u want to chat about my dad or anything else sophielaldred@hotmail.co.uk and beth u r really cool, funny, and very kind and duane please talk back to me plez and say hi to u family love u all (london) xxxx sophie

  • dear dog i am the biggest fan of the show i love your show so much I’m going to be you for halloween keep being an AWSOME bounty hunter

  • hellow i just want to tell you dog and beth you have really inspired me to become a bailbondmen .I work for midtown bailbonds in richmond texas 77469(832)595-2500 you and beth are one tough cookie ,and i enjoy being a agent i just wanted to let yall know can you call me just to say hi 832-258-4347 i love you guys love melissa galvan

  • How is it that a pea brain what ever you want to call it Beth, gets away with slandering people on national tv???????? And pointing a weapon at someone in handcuffs?????

    Calling someone a kidnapper and rapist on national tv is reprehensible and just plain sick and to top it all off the fucking guy was aquitted???

    Someone please tell me how they get away with this, no wonder her husband was sent to prison she should be right there next to him, Wonder what happend to her friend from court tv??? You know the one who was a dirt bag criminal just like Beth????? The one she begged for help when her dirt bag loser husband was locked up?????

    Wait she got fired for taking bribes and offer them, all corrupt.. I want an answer to my question please?????? How does she get away with doing that willful wanton and malicious and outright criminal behavior on national television?????

  • I saw your “Mercy Tour” on TV last night What an inspiration it was to see the difference you’ve made in people’s lives. I thank God that you are aware of the power you have on your show to influence people’s lives, and that you feel a responsibility to influence them for good and worthwhile things. Also to let others know that it’s never too late to turn your life around. I’m impressed at how you always pray and ask God to direct you and to bless the people you come in contact with and that you aren’t judgmental.
    I’m writing to you about my son Justin. I pray you can and will try to help him. I’ve been praying that God would put someone in his life that he would trust enough to listen to them. While I was watching the tour last night I felt that if he could meet you that maybe you would help him to turn his life around. He is 26 years old and is ABSOLUTELY aimless and has given up on life already. He thinks his current situation (living on the street)is his lot in life and has no motivation to do anything. He has been on the streets or in shelters for over four years off and on. He has put up such a wall against being hurt that he lets no one in. He was a wrestler in high school and was ranked #1 in Orange County, CA. He went to state but decided to party with his friend the night before the meet and lost the match. He was a very good athelete. He played baseball since he was four years old and was good at that. He was a pitcher and had an extremely fast pitch. However, he got messed up with drugs in his senior year and dropped out of school with only 6 weeks left. He broke up with his long-time girlfriend and has never gotten over that. He was arrested for a DUI and ended up going to jail because he wouldn’t take care of it. He has been on a downward spiral ever since and has no hope. In 2005 we moved from Huntington Beach, CA where he was raised and moved to Wichita, KS. He came with us and we thought it might be better for him here and start with a clean slate. But that was not the case (although he did get is diploma here in Kansas.) I know that God has something better for him but he doesn’t seem to believe that anymore.
    I know you must get letters like this all the time but I really feel that you (both Dog and you Beth) can help him. Justin is adopted. We got him at age 2-1/2. We don’t really know what happened to him while with his birth mother other than it was not good. He has abandonment issues and a lot of anger and resentment toward his father and I. We love him soooooo much and just want to see him happy and to have a life where he takes responsibility for his actions. He is not living with us because we have let him come back home four different times but he doesn’t want to follow our rules while living with us or get a job. I’m so lonely for him and miss him but I don’t know how to help him or motivate him except to pray for him and send this letter asking for your help. PLEASE, PLEASE help him in any way you can. He is a very good and sensitive person inside. He just can’t seem to go there as he has to keep up the “tough guy” appearance. He is very scared and lonely. If you have the time I would appreciate an answer or any ideas you may have. Thank you in advance.
    Sincerely, Carol McClure
    Contact through e-mail @marshabeee@yahoo.com
    My cell # 316-992-8611 home #316-733-1583

  • hi dog ive got a very serious problem you might be able to help me with ive been with my man 7 years 2moz and i love him to bits my man is adorable and he wouldnt hurt a fly he has been accused of things that arent true and its breaking my heart and his that this has happened please get in touch with me please

  • i have suffered a tragic loss recently just need some comfort so the ache in my heart will go away i am just a huge fan i am not wanted by the law i live near detroit lots of drugs there you have suffered a close loss to what do i do? just wanted some advice you & beth enjoy each other while you can bernie mac once said here today gone today do not take life for granted you are certainly welcome in my home anytime i would not say anything so the media dont go crazy

  • Omg I love me some Duane “dog” Chapman.He’s a hero to me and others.He always doing whats right for the world.Whatever he sets his mine to do he does it.If I could make one wish it will be to see him in person oneday.

  • Dear lealand dog and baby lesa and family ilove your show my life has many many health problems she some does simply feel like ther aint nothing 2 live for i try 2 encourage her she gets beat up in the city of logan sport may be yall can full fill her a visit or email he leland he r favorite she was pregnant 2 times in her life and man she lost it none them were mine she iz broken 574 5161545 her name iz lynnzie joy davis pullen she lost here bestfriend grandma grandpa her dad at a young age she has low self esteem so plz callher send letter or come visit pullenlyndsay@rocketmail.com iz her’s she loves lealand your son she want to meet him i think she would listen 2 him and yall more thn me she really wants 2 meet you i love you beth have a blessed day 830 noth st logansport in 46947

  • hey my name iz lynnzie i love you leland i wish i could met yall yall the best u hunk u are alll smart i love u all when u pray i aint got it real good but oh well ill praise jesus any way love yall

  • We could really use a voice in trying to have our grandson placed with us after our daughter who is now 25 was accused of using and manufacturing Meth in her home. Our daughter has not exactly been compliant and her father (whom I am with) has been to prison in 1987 and everything from that point up to 2009 driving while license suspended is being held against us. He already served his time and WE (including our grandson) are still paying for his past. I on the other hand have no criminal background in fact worked as a CO for a prison in FL and last worked for Dept. of Homeland Security. We have exhausted all avenues known to us and I remembered your going through a similar struggles in trying to have your grandson placed with you. I know that family is important to you and obviously by my reaching out to you it is as important to us! I would love to show you pictures of my grandson and particularly those showing the bond he and “Poppy” have together… Please any help would not be in vain and we are desperate for help!!! Please contact me, we don’t know where else to turn!

  • Hi,
    I know everyone is asking all kinds of things from you Dog but wondering if you ever contact anyone?? I have tried to reach you and would love to get an email from you personally. I have something to ask and would like to in private…please email me at ben.leypoldt@gmail.com.
    Are you going to be in Nebraska for anything any time soon???

  • Dog———in 1968, I arrested a 18 year old Navy awol. I hand cuffed him in front and to the leather door handle. It was 4-pm and I asked him if he were hungry knowing that he would not get anything in the brig until morning. He ate his big-mac fries and milkshake by bending over to his hands. I talked to him at length like you do. I begged him to turn his life around. Eleven years later he and his mom and dad called me at my office and thanked me-he passed his CPA exam——————-retired SA Westwood office LA it brought tears to my eyes–keep up the good work Don———– My wife was born and raised in HI–38 years today together. Wilhelmina Rise

  • HELLO DOG I AM A HUGE FAN OF YURS AND BETH. I WAS WONDERING IF YU WERE COMING TO EDMONTON ALBERTA ANYTIME SOON, AS IM DYING FROM A LUNG CONDITION AND WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU BOTH, AS I DONT KNOW HOW MUCH LONGER I HAVE .COULD YU PLS WRITE MY EMAIL fibrofanny@hotmail.com and let me know if yu would be willing to do this for me, it would mean so much to me god bless yu both aloha.

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