Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom
(Fitness Expert/Model)

Kiana Tom
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Tie to Hawaii – Born in Hawaii.


Born: March 14, 1965

Originally born in Hawaii, Kiana’s family moved to Southern California. As a youngster, she was constantly teased by her classmates for being different. Tom wanted to be just like her friends (blonde haired and blue-eyed). Eventually, she outgrew her phase and learned to like the idea of not being like everyone else.

Since then, Tom has appeared in numerous gigs on TV, as well as magazines. She is probably most recognized for her 6 year stint on the popular ESPN television show Body Shaping. Tom has also been seen in the movies Universal Soldier and Cyber Bandits and in “The Drew Carey Show” television series.

Currently, Tom is doing two shows on ESPN2 called Kiana’s Flex Appeal and Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit.

Kiana is part Hawaiian, Chinese and Irish. Her name means “calm water” in Hawaiian.


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  1. Kiana! Oh wow, I watched your show everyday on espn2 as a teen, you were always so beautifully powerful and so feminine yet so sculpted o\\o(me blushing lol) You are amazing Kiana!!! I hope you keep it up , you are perfect <3

  2. Sorry to say but Kiana’s real name is Joann shes Chinese not Hawiian as she claims. Born in southern Cali.

  3. nina, ok, and where doy ou get this information? why should we believe you? and why would she claim to be Hawai”ian? also, she’s never denied being Chinese. you sure sound jealous

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