Samoan In Da Fire Lane

“Samoan In Da Fire Lane” – e-Hawaii Joke

There was once a Samoan family who went to the store to do some grocery shopping. When they got to the store, the parking lot was full so da fathah say ” Honey, you get off and do the shopping and I wait for her in the van with da kids, ogay!” So the mama went in and the fathah was still looking for a parking, but still the lot was full. So the fathah went and parked in the fire lane and then he go to get a stick from the back of the van. Da kids say “Fathah you krazy, what you doin’ with da stick and da matches?” Then da fathah say, “I’m gonna do da fire dance right here so dat da police no tow oua car away.” (Get it Firedance in da Fire lane)

(Submitted via email by “yo mama”)

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