Samoan Parking Style

“Samoan Parking Style” – e-Hawaii Joke

There was a haole guy riding around a parking lot trying to find a spot. He noticed one in the compact section. As he was pulling around he noticed a van pulling into the spot. He yelled out of the car and said “hey, that spot is for compact cars only” the Samoan guy said “I know, I going in da stoa fas kine and I going com pac.”

Get it? Come back!

(Submitted via email by “Tina”)

6 thoughts on “Samoan Parking Style

  1. hahaha it’s funny but if you go there you don’t see samoans, you see microz. Change it to microz. 🙂 funny tho.

  2. lol!! sheez!! you people just love picking on them samoans huh!! its cool its cool…

  3. YaLl jUsT LUv messInG wITH saMoaNZ bUt tRy messInG wITH OnE iN persOn!!!!>DeRe wAs A faT HAwaIi laDy whO TRied On A dress nd WAS LiKE Does Dis DRESS MAkes me LuK faT…da saMoaN LAdY RESpOnD NAw GirL ITS da FAt daT MaKes YoU LuK fat…HAahAHahAhaaH

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