“Speaker” in Samoan

“‘Speaker’ in Samoan” – e-Hawaii Joke

There was an elementary school teacher. She called on the Samoan kid, the Palagi kid, and the Meauli kid. The teacher asked first to the Palagi kid to make a sentence with the word “speaker”, and the Palagi goes “I have stereo with two big speakers at home.” When he finished, he sat down and the teacher goes “Very good.”

The teacher then asks the Meauli kid to make a sentence with the word “speaker” in it. The Meauli kid goes “My dad is the speaker of the house of representatives.” The teacher goes “Very good, and what about you Kama Samoa?”

The Samoan boy stood up with pride knowing he’s all that, and goes, “My modders ‘oga isssssbiggaaah.” (Get it? He said is bigger instead of speaker!)

(Submitted via email by “sah”)

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