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May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997

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Help Clean Up Iz’s guestbook

For the most part, the entries in Iz’s guestbook are very genuine & heartwarming. Guests leave their touching memories of where they first saw or heard Bruddah Iz. Unfortunately, there are those few rotten apples in the bunch who use the guestbook for purposes other than these. Those who leave their web site link for marketing purposes, those who use profanity or just disgusting entries altogether. As much as I can, I try to weed out the obvious ones, but I will inevitably miss a few. If you see any that you object to, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Help me get rid of these entries, by sending me a message with the guestbook date (specific year and month) with the entrant’s name. I will review and remove it accordingly.

Mahalo for your help!

His Life | Albums | DVDs | Books | Guestbook

0 thoughts on “Israel Kamakawiwo`ole – Iz Guestbook Help

  1. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover this wonderful singer sooner. I love the music and listen when I need a lift in the day. Thank you for such beautiful music and for helping me through some tough times.

  2. i have only just discovered this beatiful mans music and songs. i wish i,d found them a long time ago.when i play them i just close my eyes and drift away.

  3. I have always loved somewhere over the rainbow in this version I am so sorry I did not know sooner he was from the island’s I have been there 4 times and thats where his heart and music lived thank you so much for your song.You are truly a gentle soul

  4. only just dicovered this mans amazing ability,truly wonderful. he realy does make this a wonderfull world when you listen to him. i live on the isle of skye ,this man transports me to hawaii

  5. Heard Over the Rainbow as trailer song of movie 50 First Dates and the arrangement fascinated me but had no location to find It. My wife and I were on a cruise April 2010 to Hawaii. We attended a luau in Maui and I heard this cut over the PA system and immediately went looking for the music. I found the CD Facing Future and bought it. A powerful CD even if I don’t understand Hawaiian. The track Hawai i ’78 is a haunting knockout. Thanks IZ

  6. Truly wonderful singer,passing on as fast as a can,others need to know Thx Bruddah Iz.
    Brian Baker

  7. As so many,just now I discovered his music,it is his absolutely wonderful,calming voice.His music puts one instantly in a state of peace,all the troubles seem to float away.
    God knew why he needed him,you live forever in our Hearts
    Thank you IZ

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