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May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997

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0 thoughts on “Israel Kamakawiwo`ole – Guestbook

  1. a voice that reminds you of the important things in life. i wish i could of known him.

  2. I heard this wonderful voice singing “Over the Rainbow”,just after the ball dropped at Times square, on tv. One of the tv personalities even mentioned how he liked that version.I had to hear it again and found it on the internet. So beautifully done,so hauntingly beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes and a smile in my heart. Little did I know that Iz was no longer with us. That saddened me, but I am sure he is singing with all the “great ones”and the angels,making heaven more beautiful than we can imagine. Rest in peace Iz….until we all will meet someday.Thank you for your special music.

  3. Dear IZ,

    I am sorry for not knowing you,
    I am sorry for not meeting you,
    I am sorry for not discovering your great music while you where still among us.
    I am so glad for discovering your music now, late in my life in Sweden.
    Your songs bring joy to my heart and tears in my eyes whenever I put your records on.
    I can understand that you were and are a great and wonderful person by looking at your videos when old and young people enjoy your music together.
    I am sure you are playing for the angels now. God bless you for all the joy you have and are giving to people over the world.
    R.I.P wonderful man

  4. I have always know and loved Somewhere The Rainbow .But after watching the movie Australia i was intrigued to find out who sings my favourite version. After some searching on the net I was sadened to know that had pasted and it made me think that he must have been touched by God cause IZ’S voice sounds like an angel and is still making people HAPPY by letting his music touch our souls after all these years. Your memory lives long in our hearts Brother IZ.

  5. Mahalo Iz for your voice and your soul. Your music makes me happy and gives me hope. You are missed, and will never be forgotten!!

  6. I first heard Somewhere Over The Rainbow on Cold Case – Initially I thought only Garland could do justice to it; Iz has set the standard. So beautiful.

  7. It is 11:59pm 3-10-09 in Md. that I am writing this letter with a very sad heart and tears in my eyes.Tonight at the end of a movie I watched,called forgeting sara marshal,I heard the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard in my life.When I got on the internet to look for Israel (IZ),I learned of him flying with the angels.I know he must have been a beautiful humanbeing just by hearing his voice and seeing his picture.I truly wish I could have met him.But I will always miss him.Everything good about this great man has already been said.R.I.P brother,until we meet.Your new fan from da mainland,FOREVER.

  8. I had the pleasure of living in Huntington Beach California during the 80’s. There I met a group of 4 surfers (Brothers), I hung out with them all of the time, on the beach and at MAzzotti’s. What a blessing that was, I learned how they view life and people, only those who experience it will understand what I can’t describe. We listened to their native music all of the time, IZ was one of the artists,undescribable. It is from those 5 years that I mold everyday of my life. If only the world could believe like they do, what a great place this would be. They see no color, denomination, flaws, only love…..Aloha… From Vinny…..

  9. At the Queen’s Medical Centre in Honolulu Hawaii, where Brah Iz closed his eyes for the final time, the only music playing all the time in the main lobby is his. He is singing with the greats like Dennis Pavao, Moe Keale, Aunty Genoa & Gabby Pahuini. “Da bruddah is gone”, but never forgotten.


  11. I’am trying to get the back up music to israel song “In this life” if it is possible? Please let me know I will pay for it … I love his music I wish I could have seen him perform he has such a beautiful voice and I know one day I will see him in heaven and he will be up there singing his heart out God bless Antoinette

  12. Whenever I hear Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Iz I am taken back to Hawaii. That song is Hawaii. I listen to his music all the time and wish he hadn’t left us so early.

  13. Amen to Molly’s post ~ “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was played on an ukelele when my husband and I walked up the aisle after our wedding vows on Shipwreck Beach (Kauai, Hawaii)…we ended up having our “first dance” to it right there next to the surf…so soulful and moving, his legacy will live on in his music…God bless…

  14. When my Wife and i first heard this beautiful song, we felt our hearst melt! This sound that came out of this person, we have never heard such a beautiful sound ever! This song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is the best version that has ever been sung! Today i found out that he passed in 1997 and saddend us. He is in our Hearts Always. This song brings tears of Happy Saddness when we hear it! Much Love To His Memory!! The Chavez Family

  15. A true gentle giant, WHAT A VOICE. I only wish I knew of him 12 years ago. RIP big Fella and may you always have wind beneath your wings.

  16. During the end scene of ’50 First Dates’ I first heard Iz’s version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and cried. His version moved me and touched my heart. I had no idea that he wasn’t with us anymore, and I am crying again. May the Lord bless him and keep him always.

  17. sorry i never heard of your music untill recently and i was so taken back by somewhere over the rainbow, i had a lump in my throught and had to listen to it constantly, over the last two weeks i can easily say i have heard it well over 100 times it is so great, god bless you and keep you safe in his home, a true gentle giant, rip my friend

  18. We were introduced to you watching an episode of ER. We had to find your music and learn about you. We are so very sorry that you are gone. But we thank you so very much for leaving all of us your beautiful music. You will forever be with those who listen & love your music.
    God Bless & peace be with you.

  19. i have only just discovered this beatiful mans music and songs,i wish i,d found them a long time ago.when i listen to them i just close my eyes and drift away.

  20. I first hear this beautiful music in 2002 on our first trip to Maui. What a wonderful kind, peaceful person he must have been. The world has truly lost an angel.

  21. We Miss You And Will Never Forget You. You Gave The World Your Greatest Gift , Your Heart And Your Music . Thank You IZ .

  22. I always knew this song “Over the rainbow”. It always was somewhere in my head and soul. I knew melody, however not the singer and not even the words. And than recently i heard it again. So start to search for it and of course when u live in the 21 of century its easy to find it online 🙂
    I am just glad that finally i could listen for this amazing persons songs, which Israel made from love. Its makes other people love each other, love the nature and be in peace at list that min when u listening.
    R. I. P.
    You were one of the angels

  23. Thinking of you on your 50th …Your spirit shines on and on.

    Mahalo…from Michigan

  24. The song sends chills down my spine; lights me up when I am down.
    IZ played a vital role while on earth and I so hope he returns to bless the people once again in whatever form he chooses.

  25. IZ you have the voice of an Angel so beautiful, so soothing a voice that God had Blessed you with.You have given so much peace to millions of people in this troubled world we live in.Like Saint Padre Pio you helped so many who suffer in this world,what a gift IZ what a shame i didn’t get to meet you,Perhaps one day IZ our paths will cross,get to know Saint Pio IZ tell him we all miss him.God Bless you.

  26. Only the good die young…RIP..Thank you for sharing and showing us the “rainbow”..

  27. Over The Rainbow is the only song guaranteed to reduce me to tears every time. What a song, what a man…. RIP

  28. Mahalo Nui Loa to Braddah Iz’s Ohana for keeping his music and legacy alive hea and everywhere, when i like go home, I listen to da music, takes me dea, God bless his soul and God Bless his Ohana.

  29. When my little boy was born last September, shortly after he developed severe colic and acid reflux. He would cry all day long. The only thing that quieted him was Iz’s music. I like to think maybe he had met him in heaven, weeks before he was born, because I am sure heaven is where Iz sings now. My son is now a happy 8 month old, and asks to listen to Iz every day. God Bless .

  30. Somewhere Over the Rainbow…Beautiful World, this song haunts me…this infectious song…Israel, I wish I knew you…this song brings an emotion that is as big as life itself…thank you IZ.

  31. Another trip to the Island, and BruddahIz still reigns over this majestic island. His music and words are in every sunrise and sunset. We hear him on the beach and in the mountains. He will be here our next trip, because we’ll bring him in our hearts…aloha

  32. Ah Iz… I imagine you’re teaching the angels to sing. What a gift you were to all of humanity. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love you… and always will. Mahalo!!

  33. Hau’oli La Hanau, Bruddah IZ.. sorry brah, you had to leave so soon, so early in your young life, I know your in a betta place, you take care of ohana.. We miss you,
    oh, by d’ way.. I name my keiki kane after you… I hope okay with U.

    Shaka 2 X

  34. Iz’s music inspires my dreams everyday. I was introduced to his music in 1999, and fell in love with it as it was a part of me. I so wish to have been able to hear it live. But Iz, You are missed and thankyou so much for so many heavenly tunes.

  35. My heart goes out to his family. I heard the song awhile back but finally found out who sang it. I seen the video with placing his ashes in the sea. I’ve read several comments while listening to his over the rainbow over and over.Everyone has said some nice things. So to all of his family I can tell you I will never look at a rainbow the same. I watch the video about him reaching out to the youth that may even more tears come. And if something ever happen to me I want this play at my funeral. By the way IZ when we meet in heaven could sit on a cloud and sing and I can tell you how much you may an impact in my life.

  36. What a song! What a man! The hope this man brought to us . Brother I feel your soul !!

  37. First heard this song on 97.1 Planet Radio from Quebec and it just touched my inner soul (they still play it often). IZ, you are now in every Rainbow and with your God-given talent, your music has made it a Wonderful World. Thank you, gentle giant, you will be remembered and I hope you get e-mail in heaven so you can see just how loved you are.

  38. Unfortunately for me I had never even heard of him or his music until years after his passing away. But I am sure that his memory and his music will live on for many years to come. His music is so beautifully done.

  39. I first heard Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World on the day my son and daughter in law got married on 2nd May 2009, as part of a medley of songs for their signing the register. It was the most beautiful rendition I had ever heard. I have listened to it regularly ever since. And cried each time! I am currently listening to the Facing Future tracks and writing this. I’m sorry to say, I’d never heard of this musical giant before. What a wonderful voice!

  40. Iz had a voice of a angel, it always make me cry when i hear his music ,but now he is singing in heaven!

  41. While visiting in Kauai my husband and I took a van tour, with the driver turning up the music of a man named IZ. At first, we thought how strange that in the beginning of tour our guide talked about this IZ more than areas we toured, while listening to this Music. But as time went on and as we heard his music more every minute, we both fell in love with IZ and his kind sounding voice. We could not leave that island without buying a couple of his CD’s, and became so infatuated with this beautiful soul. God created one like HIM, as it says in the Bible. IZ was made in God’s image. All of his music has become a favorite for all of our friends and family, since we have shared these CD’s by giving them as gifts. His song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, had mesmerized my two young nieces while listening to this song while on a short road trip. They are very young, but they too love this man’s serenity he expresses through his voice. RIP Dear Soul, for you left much love from your island to all!

  42. My 7 year old daughter danced to “somewhere over the rainbow” by Israel in a staged perfomance at her art school on Friday. I could not get away from work so I asked my brother who works evenings to video the performance for me. I had never heard music from IZ and as the song begun a certain peace came over me that I can’t quite explain? My daughter was so cute in her grass skirt & lei and I was starting to fill with emotion (getting ready to cry like a baby) as this beautiful song and dance took place on the video. As mentioned I had never heard of IZ and had no idea he had passed. I couldn’t wait to get on the internet to try and find out who belonged to that peaceful…lovely voice? I simply googled Hawaiian song somewhere over the rainbow and I found him immediately! Can’t stop listening to the song and I am now an IZ fan and always will be! Thank you Israel for the gift of your voice on this video with my daughter that I now can treasure for the rest of my life!! Rest in Peace brother…

  43. Your the man iz whereever u are. Inspiration, hope and love, you live stronger then ever in
    a hard world.

  44. My age is 62yrs. I have heard alot of diferrent music and voices in my life but none can compare. while planning a trip to Molokai in september 09 I had the good fortune to discover this man and his music. as all the other’s I only wish I could have met him.
    favorite video him laying in the surf and he looks up and smile’s. Mahalo and good bye

  45. I only learned of Bruddah Iz about 6 months ago, and it saddens me that I never heard about him when he was alive, and that I missed so many years of being able hear his beautiful music. His music stirs something in my soul and inspires me. I wish I could have met him while he was on this Earth. Thanks Iz for making the world a little better.

  46. What a wonderful person with such a great personality that came through clear as day in his music. The world is truly is darkened with no new releases from Bruddah IZ

  47. I have heard so many people say there are people who sing and there are people who tell stories with their voice. Iz’s voice not only tells stories but if you close your eyes you are transformed into this story. I could listen to him all day long every day.

    You are one of God’s Angels he will cherish your voice in heaven.


  48. I moved to Hawaii at the age of 16 and found my home there as one kaamaina houle. As a musician I was in love with the music, and brudda Iz was one of the best. I really enjoyed when reggae came on the scene and we started Jahwaiian music, but the roots of cross over music there was in Iz and the other Hawaiian musicians of old. Much like the blues influenced rock. May Iz RIP and may his music live forever.

  49. Love his beautiful songs, but especially…..”Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
    My youngest sister loved this song………
    When I hear it, I always think about my sister
    fantastic music <3

  50. “IZ” What a wonderful voice what a better world this is that you left this behind in your memory. You will never be forgotten, the voice of an angel. My neice had Over the Rainbow played as she walked down the aile at her wedding. Not a dry eye in the place. May you rest in peace knowing that you brought Peace to this earth.

  51. Beautiful person, beautiful life, beautiful music that will live on forever. You were a gift from God.

  52. IZ was for Hawaii’s Keiki, Wanting them to strive to be “Mo’ Bettah” Bruddahs and Sis’s involved in drugs and allkine “Pilikia” He was a warm and soothing voice to those who had none and died just the way that he lived… Loving Hawaii and his Ohana and being “Uncle” to all the keiki! Bless you Bruddah!! We need more like You!!

  53. IZ, You have no idea how much love still exists in the world for you and your music and part of that love is ours. Hardly an evening goes by in our home without your music. You were a very special human being. No one who knew you or experienced your music will ever forget you. We won’t for sure. If paradise is heaven, there must me a Hawaiian section and I’m sure you’re in charge of it.
    ‘O wau no me ka mahalo,

  54. I first heard the rendition of Over the Rainbow on the movie 50 First Dates, and I almost cried. I have watched the movie over and over again and cant wait to get the end of the movie so I can hear it again. Then I heard Jason Castro sing it on American Idol; Ive never known who was the artist until today. It is so moving for me. I have a close and personal relationship with my savior Jesu Christ, and it just reminds me of the home awaiting for me in heaven.Thanks Iz.

  55. IZ,
    Brah! Your memory will never be forgotten. Your musical talent has reached all the way around the world… I heard Over the Rainbow playing while deployed to the Middle East and it brought back so many sweet memories of you and wonderful Hawai’i…

    Even today a tear comes to my eye when I think about your death.. I was so sad when you died, but your music will live forever in my heart and many others.

    Thank you

  56. some where over the rainbow your voice is so
    Beautiful mate like a angel singing may you
    rest in pease and sing with the lord god bless
    Antony Cairns Australia

  57. I’m sorry that i’ve didn’t find youre music earlier. Love it so much, it makes my hart cry. Miss you.

  58. He’s only gone because He sings for god now, with his beautiful voice, now he really is somewhere over the rainbow!

  59. I too was introduced to Iz where his wonderful Somewhere Over The Rainbow was used in a movie. What a gift he gave all of us in the short time he was here on earth with us. It is truly my favorite song. One of the few times I’ve ever cried ‘happy tears,’ but do each time I listen to his voice singing this song. Thank you to his family for sharing his talents with us. What a legacy, to still touch millions though you are no longer with them. Soothing, melting, hope, yes HOPE; that is what Iz’s voice in this song, particularly, does for me. You are in all of our hearts, always.

  60. I was fortunate to live in Hawaii in the 1990’s during Israel’s ascension to stardom. I saw him perform at the Kona Surf just six months before he died. He was truly a force of nature and did have the voice of an angel. Listen to his other songs, not just Somewhere Over the Rainbow etc, the more commercial and well known songs. His greatest performances were his stories about life, life in Hawaii, friendship, aloha, ohana.

    I was in Italy in October on a tour in the Tuscany countryside. In my conversations with our driver I happened to mention that I once lived in Hawaii. She said, “do you know Iz?” She had one of his CD’s that she played for me while driving through the Tuscancy countryside.

  61. Somewhere over the rainbow – it was like he was singing because he already knew time was closing in…hopefully he still is singing it as an angel. Heres to lemon drops.

  62. Like others first heard Iz singing “Over The Rainbow”. I was captivated in that moment, bought the album and have listened to his soothing tones over and over. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii and hope to go to where he was born. He lives on.

  63. this man had a big voice and a big dream for all of or kids to stay off drugs and being gansters his heart was a big as the world and his voice was larger wish more people beleaved in what he did.RIP IZ

  64. Travel well Iz and thank you for every tear I have shed listening to Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Tears are the Universe’s way of cleansing our spirit.

  65. Soy de España(canary islands), me parece increíble la mezcla que Israel logro hacer con some where over the rainbow y what a wonderful world, no le conocía, y hoy me acabo de enterar que falleció, algo que me entristece mucho porque escuchando una y otra vez esa canción hace que me sienta bien. Desde España dar un fuerte abrazo a su familia. Me gustaría haberle conocido.

  66. “There once was an angel”

    Tribute to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
    by Christian Badsted

    There once was an angel,
    You didn’t see his wings,
    he walked a man on earth,
    with kindness and love,
    he gave love since birth,
    He walked Hawaii’ns cove,

    There once was an angel,
    His power was his heart,
    His voice stopped wars,
    but his life was cut short,
    he now sits by stars,
    in heaven with our god,

    There once was an angel,
    he has now left us all,
    But his spirit left behind,
    he touched all with his voice,
    Im sure he didn’t mind,
    He didn’t have a’ choice,

    There once was an angel,
    He will never be forgotten,
    He truly was a saviour,
    A’ heart to big for earth,
    You loved his behaviour,
    Light a candle on his birth,

    Rest in peace Israel Kamakawiwo’ole..

  67. Thanks for the music IZ I will play it at my father service jan 2nd 2010 I am sorry we lost such talent and more didnt know how amazing you were. Rest in peace IZ and sing 1 for my dad when u see him Much love and respect

  68. For a time, I owned a timeshare on the big island. I was fortunate enough to visit various islands of Hawaii three times in five years. The first visit, I was exposed to Iz’s beautiful, ethereal voice and have been a fan since then (1997). No one can come close RIP and thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  69. Hey Brada Iz!

    I know it’s a little late to be writing this, but you have been such an influence on my family. My grandma has dimentia and your song “hawai’i 78” was sung to her by my cousin. I wish she could remember it. It was beautiful!

    Your music will live on way past life itself, the future generation will make sure of it.

    I love you brada!

  70. Absolutely blown away by his amazing voice. His song Somewhere over the Rainbow touched my heart and brought me to tears.

  71. I had never heard of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole or his music until my first journey to Hawai’i in 2004. One evening in a bar I became aware of a song played, with Hawaiian lyrics and sung by a voice of an angel. I asked the DJ about the artist and learned about Israel, only later did I find out that he was no longer walking the earth.
    Later I have bought a few of his albums, and I have heard a couple of his songs played here in Europe.

    I want to give thanks to Israel for the man that he was and the joys of music that he left for us. He was truly a Hawaiian sup’pah man.

  72. I have only recently discovered Israel’s music, and as thousands have said before me, his voice is so beautiful and calms the soul. Listening to his music brings such joy and peace. Thank you… you live on and so does your music for all time.

  73. A voice and heart so pure they speak directly to the heart of the listener. Too soon, too soon….

  74. I first heard Iz’s melody of “Over the Rainbow” sitting on the Green Monster in Fenway Park in July of 2009.
    From a middle aged crippled Irish punk from Boston . . . . I thought it was one of the coolest thing’s I’ve ever heard.
    I only wish I could have seen him perform it .

  75. i just went to hawaii for five weeks and throughly enjoyed it. my son was playing one of IZ tapes and i fell in love with his music. he truely belonged to the islands. his voice is as beautiful as the islands. i am only sorry that i never knew of him before i went to his beautiful hawaii. if heaven is as beautiful as hawaii then Isreal is singing with the angels in a beautifl place. rest in peace my friend. thank you for your beautiful music.

  76. truly amazing voice, first time I have hear Israel an im taken back. the people of hawaii are so lucky to have had such an artist. rest in peace gentle giant.


  77. I just recently found you. And you are no longer a body, but your soul has touched me deeply. You ARE a truely Beautiful Soul!!!! You will be deeply missed, but always enjoyed.

  78. israel, LOVE YOUR MUSIC, it is just beautiful, only wish i knew about you earlier, better late than never, thanks to jay tavare, found your music on his blog. hope u r in a good place, yet i have a feeling u r!!!! aho

  79. Iz you are missed by all that heard and heres your music for the first time. Noone cane put the feeling you did on some where over the rainbow. Hope to see ypu on the other side of that rainbow and here you wonderful music.



  80. used over the rainbow at my daughters funeral like her it is the most beautiful song i have ever heard.wish i would of had the pleasure of meeting such a wonderful man with such a wonderful voice. bruddah sang it the best always will

  81. Ur songs have d calmning effect, everytime i m unhappy or stress, ur voice ll calm me down. really hope to go hawaii one day in d future

    RIP bruddah IZ


  82. I listen to Iz’ music over and over and over. It brings tears to my heart but joy at the same time. I, too, wish I had known him. Would have been worth a trip anywhere to see him in person. He is alive in our hearts and I’m sure must be smiling upon us

  83. My grandfather always sang his songs to me as a little girl, i was supose to go home 8, 11 an 13 never did then 18, I am now 30, no grandparents no more, finally making my way home. His songs very presiuos in my heart, bueatiful gift he had I’ll always remember him as a gifted artist an singer.

  84. Thank you Israel for the hit ‘Over the Rainbow’, it was the first song that i ever heard of you. and i fell in love with your voice. When i was a little girl i always dreamed of being in Hawaii when you all wore grass skirts, sang and danced on a beautiful beach, and had a beautiful peaceful life.
    i love Hawaiian music, and when i managed to get hold of Iz’s albums i sit playing them and visualizing me sitting on that beach looking into the eyes of a handsome tanned Hawaiian guy with a winkle in his eye. Ever since then i have had a real love and a yearning to be part of the hawaiian way of life, and i adore the way Israel makes me feel when he sings, i feel the love that he put into his songs. I know he is still with us in my heart, everytime i play his songs.

  85. Iz’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow is the version I sing to my greatniece at night. What a gem. Everyone remembers when and where they first heard his voice. God bless Iz.

  86. Bruddah Iz! I can describe this gentile giant in one word: BREATHTAKING. I lived in Hawaii for 3 years from 1993-1996. I’ve heard of him there and his music but never got to meet him. It was not ’til after I moved back to Seattle, Wa. area that I fell in love with his music. I frequented a karaoke bar in the Lakewood, Wa. area Hawaiian Gardens. I heard Hawaii 78 for the first time and the lyrics bring tears to my eyes every time. The passion of that number and the story made me realize I didn’t learn much the 3 years I was there. Thanks big daddy Izzy! “E oni wale no ‘oukou i ku’u pono ‘a’ ole e pau.”

  87. I had always heard this breathtaking beautiful song but never knew the name of the angel who so sweetly sang it, Somewhere Over The Rainbow..I could listen to this everyday and sad that you are gone..but you are here in the hearts of many in the beautiful music you left for us to enjoy ..thank you Iz..When I am sad this song always seems to be my light and you truly are the gold at the end of that rainbow in your song…Bless You!

  88. Hi dear family of Bruddah IZ,
    this I visited the first time Hawaii, Big Island and Maui, together with my husband. When we were waiting for a helicopterflight on Maui – in the waiting room – IZ’s music was played. It was if a flash touched my heart, – increadably beautiful – his voice – the sound – it touched and still touches my soul- I can’t forget and will allways have this music with me. He has been a man with great carism (Carisma). I will now buy his CD’s. I feel so sorry that he passed away allready so young. My best wishes for his wife and his family. We love Hawaii and the hawaiian people.
    Best wishes from Germany

  89. I can’t believe that he is dead! I am in shock! I’m one of the late comers, I recently discovered IZ’s music. I mean like last year. I heard his version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” on the radio and fell in love with it instantly. Now in January of 2010, my co-worker shows me the face behind the voice on youtube and I FELL IN LOVE! I think IZ is absolutely handsome! I couldn’t get enough of his music from that point on.

    Now I am on the web surfing all over to see images of him, reading his life story, listening to all of his music, watching any videos of him.

    I can kick myself for not discovering him earlier, and the sad part is that I find out he passed away in 1997. Where was I when this happened? Now I have a million questions. I want to know all there is to know about Bruddah IZ! I MISS HIM SO MUCH. I would’ve loved to know him in this life. But my heart is ever thankful for the gift he left us. Like the saying goes, “The good dies young.”

  90. I first heard of Israel at my fathers memorial
    service on Sunday March 14th, 2010
    We always watched the Wizard of Oz when we were growing up and it was a favorite song of mine then and even more so now as it will always remind me of my dad.
    It is simply beautiful.

  91. Dearest IZ…your over the rainbow song is what I sang to my baby as she took her last breathes in my arms.. I hope she is bouncing around on the clouds of heaven with u.. I listen to your song every day it makes me cry and smile at the same time.. Goddess bless and watch over your family, we will all meet again one day, some where over the rainbow…feather

  92. I was watching, ’50 First Dates’, with Adam Sandler today and at the end of the movie they play IZ’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ rendition and it brought back fond memories of long ago pasts. I visited Hawaii back in 1979 and again in 1984 and had the unexpected honor to actually see IZ perform with the Sons. Like everyone that leaves a post hear, his voice was most hauntingly beautiful. To see a very large man sing with such beauty and grace was, to say at least, unusual and wonderful. I have, I think all of his music on my PC in MP3 format and about 20 Videos. So when I heard his voice I just got up went to my PC and played his music all day. I live with my Mom to help her out, she will be 80 years old in June, we live in a lake front house my Dad built, he died 3 years ago, but when she heard the melodies coming out of my room on this a beautiful Spring day In East Texas, she had to know who it was. So my Mom got introduced to IZ today and he won over another fan. She was saddened to find out that he had passed. She said a prayer for him and honored him at her church this morning, again winning IZ some more fans. I can sit back at listen to his music and just drift right out of my body and become so peaceful, it’s kinda of like floating on a lay raft up to heaven, and when I finally get there I will again get to listen to IZ sing in person.

    With heart felt passion to IZ’s family for there loss and sorrow but It will be a New Orleans reunion in heaven for all of them and IZ.

    An At Peace Fan
    Kim ( By the way I am a 53 year old Texas man not a woman. )

  93. i have suffered terrible panic attacks and anxiety and depression for a few years now. my son introduced me to a couple of songs and i just had to find more omg what a voice what music i play the cds at night and i drift away to another land just listening to the rich velvet tones of this great singer what a legacy to leave behind so relaxing just to listen to and imagine that you are far away wish i had found about him sooner beautiful

  94. somewhere over the rainbow has always been part of the soundtrack of my life. as a little boy, sitting with my grandparents on the back porch at sunset, it was always in the background. now, as a man of middle age, this version brings me happy tears. there is such a sense of promise in isreals song, an awakening of the senses, of mystery and the possiblities that life offers. thank you isreal, you have gone to the next life, but you continue to teach down here.

  95. I know that this Man of men is at the right hand of the throne of God above. I am happy to have heard him sing – even if only on DVD, He makes me want to praise the Lord above. Iz and his dear family know that you have touched many souls, and kids today- listen to him now. Listen and learn and be at peace. In Jesus’ love.

  96. Love IZ just sad i got to know of him so late he just seemed to be a very gentle man in his voice and words.

    Thank You

  97. I have been diognosed w/ a terminal illness and his mix of somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderfull life shall be played when I pass. I’m sorry your life was cut short but your music will live on forever. god bless until we meet


  99. Well right now we would be discussing what to do for your birthday this week. There would be good food, drink and music. And of course friendship tossed with our warped sense of humour. Always love you and very much still miss you. Keeping it real. Fenlee

  100. I have to honest I had never heard of this gentlemen until me and another teacher was trying to find some songs for our pre-k and k students for a slide show to play during their graduation. The other teacher called me to see if i can find a song called somewhere over the rainbow sung by IZ, so I went searching and found him. I love the he sings his songs because there is meaning to them, he has a lovely voice, i’m going to buy his album. I’m sorry he is no longer with us, but you know he is because of his albums.
    Thank You

  101. Much like the comment above, I had never ever heard this version of “Over the Rainbow” before – until this morning, at my daughter’s kindergarten concert. The song was played during a slide-show about how the young ones in the class helped to raise some ducklings. As a grown man of 38, I nearly broke down in tears from the tremendous emotion this song evokes. Coupled with images of the cutest baby ducks you could possibly imagine, it was almost too much. I had to seek out more of his music on-line, and I haven’t stoppped listening since. God Bless IZ …

  102. RIP IZ. I have all your albums and DVD’s. You were among us for a short time but left a legacy that will live forever. Even though I visited the islands after you left this world I have made it a point to go everywhere you have been, the latest being Miloli’i. A photo of you hangs proudly in my office – no name or explanation- just simply framed. A hui hou.

  103. What a talented man gone way too early…His music reminds me to open up my heart and feel how the beautiful the world really is…Mahalo, IZ, rest in peace.

  104. I`m from Germany and I just discovered his wonderful voice and music!!
    I love it!!!

  105. You go with me on yard sales, on my way to work, with me in the office (you bring my stress level down), I am a son a ka bitchin haole who loves you and will always listen and remember. Bless you and your wife and daughter. Set the table! People – listen to Makaha Sons of Ni”Ihau if you haven’t already. Amazing stuff!!! Check out old CD of Captain and Tenille in Hawaii ~ Skippy and Iz captured on film.
    Love, Alice

  106. Mahalo nui loa Iz !
    You brought so much love and gentleness to a world so in need of so much love and gentleness.

  107. Iz’s music brings me peace. I grieve for my 36-year-old son who recently died in a motorcycle accident when a car pulled out in front of him. He’s gone from us and I am angry and sad. “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” are so beautiful and haunting, so restful that my shattered heart heals a little more each time I hear them. Thanks for that, Iz, and for all of your beautiful music. You are singing for God now.

  108. I just happened to stumble upon IZ’s music through Pandora Radio just 2 nights ago and was so sad to find out he had passed, such a beautiful voice. Now I will listen to him music with a tear in my eye and a wonderful feeling in my heart, and it’s nice to learn that he is truly “Somewhere over the rainbow” Thanks for letting us share our thoughts on here.

  109. My wife and I spent the summer in Hawaii. IZ’s music made our stay so much more romantic. Beautiful voice, beautiful person.

  110. Why is it that so many of us are given so many years, and yet leave nothing, while some of us, like IZ are given so few years and leave so much? Miss you IZ.

  111. Amazing how many people Iz’s music is still touching. My professor from the University of Alaska just had all of his students listen to Iz’s songs. Amazing!

  112. I don’t know how to express my gratitude for this man’s special gift! His music and his magical voice gave me hope again after losing two special people in my life. I absolutely love Wonderful World/Over the Rainbow. Listen to it every morning, it helps me through the day. Wish I had been lucky enough to have seen or met him in person…what a beautiful human being! Hope he is in that Wonderful World Over the Rainbow!

  113. I will always love his wonderful voice. My favorite song is his very own personal rendition of “Over The Rainbow”.

  114. My sweetheart and I just left Oahu, HI after a beautiful vacation. The music that we heard most every place we went to was Iz’s magic. We became addicted to his sound and his sweet smile. His outlook on life is to be envied. In our world stateside – so busy and stressful – Iz takes us to his world with his voice. I will remember him always and have now downloaded some of his awesome music to enjoy anytime I need that uplifting spirit! Thank you Hawaii for introducing me to this amazing talent – I wish I had experienced knowing him! Rest in peace with the angels sweet Iz!

  115. What a voice, what a heart, what a human being. Love his music and we shall hear it again.

  116. We vacationed in Hawaii and fell in love with IZ and his music. He is living on in so many hearts and I know I am just one of those who hope to meet him in heaven. With much love

  117. Wie mich dieses Lied berĂĽhrt,einfach toll!
    Danke an seine Frau das Sie das Lied fĂĽr Deutschland freigegeben hat.
    Mehr Gefühl geht nicht!!! Schade das so ein toller Sänger von uns gegagen ist.

  118. 1st time i’m listening his voice at the ending finding forrester movie….this is beautiful voice and beautiful song ever have i listening.i wait to the ending know performed by who..he is IZ..thanks god..because give me a beautiful person to the world..R.I.P

  119. i first heard over the rainbow in a movie. a few years ago. and since then have always stated that this is the song i would like to be played when i past away. although at the time i had know idea who sang the song or who the singer was its only just recantly that i have decided to see if i could find the song on youtube. and then seen the video clip of his ashes being scattered in the ocean. his songs are so hart warming. and give me a sense of self happiness inside. what a guy how he could write great songs to make people feel this way thankyou. and i hope i will one day find footage of is ash scattering so i can watch this in his honour R.I.P

  120. J’ai entendu Ă  la radio la version d’IZ “Somewhere over the rainbow” cette annĂ©e en 2010, au mois de novembre.

    J’ai voulu voir si IZ faisait des tournĂ©es dans des pays et quelle horreur en dĂ©couvrant qu’il est aux anges depuis longtemps.

    Mais comment ai-je pu passer à côté ?!

  121. My mother, Joy, died this year, on the 10th of November, 2010. Although she had probably never heard of Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, we, her family, chose Somewhere Over the Rainbow as the final song at her funeral mass, in Victoria, Australia. It is such a moving tribute, and Israel had such a beautiful voice, that none of us, my sister, my brother, or my sister-in-law, would have considered any other music as my beautiful mothers’ farwelll.

  122. Wow what a beautiful voice! Never thought I would enjoy over the rainbow except from Judy Garland then I heard Iz’s made me fall in love with the song again! Enjoy his music his family must get some comfort listening to that angelic voice!

  123. I never knew who the man behind the beautiful music was,truly my loss. So sad to find that such a talented young man would be called from this world at such a young age.

  124. Dear Master – I learned too late that the angelic voice that moved
    my soul to happy tears was yours… my loss is painful because I
    would have gone to the ends of the earth to see you in person. I am
    consoled in knowing that your audience is now him who created us all. How truly happy your heart must be now – but boy how I miss you. God bless you ‘Bruddah IZ’, that is Mastuh.

  125. Braddah IZ is music incarnate… music come to life. If you were to collect all of your favorite songs put them together and then add flesh and muscle and give them a skeleton to stand on and then draw the most beautiful smile that your heart could dream up there before you would be IZ. IZ is music. And the reason he iz a big man iz ’cause God needed a big body to put that huge heart of his in… but that body still wasn’t big enough to hold that heart that kept growing everyday. So God decided to call Braddah IZ so he could come be with him… now Braddah IZ’s heart has all the room it needs and I will always have this burning desire to see Braddah IZ whom I never met. If I get lucky, maybe I’ll get one of his concert
    tickets in heaven before they sell out.

  126. Dear Master – Today i Woke Up. i went for a walk on a White Sandy Beach Somewhere Over The Rainbow and found that Malama was all around me. What a Wonderful World this truly is. It took you Master IZ, only you could have reawakened my bitter heart and introduced me to Kaleohano. i promise you Master, today i will try to become a better man. i will no longer neglect to smile at strangers or fail to say “How are you ?”. i will try really hard to lift
    my head and try to find Jesus in everyone. Smiling might come a little hard as it’s been a long time since i’ve smiled. i think it will be hard Starting All Over Again but i will change so that In This Life i too can find unconditional love – my Marlene.

  127. I LOVE IZ….I just got back from Hawaii and I bought FACING FUTURE and played it while driving around the island……….Hawaii 78″ makes me cry EVERYTIME I PLAY IT…..I CAN FEEL THE PAIN OF THE LAND>>…LOVE IZ FOREVER………………Cyn

  128. Being from North Shore Oahu, we were raised with music all around us. Iz was a huge part of the Hawaiian music culture and his death left us all with a huge hole in our hearts and souls. His music will live on forever, as well as in our hearts. Rest in peace bruddah. Maholo for your aloha and music!

  129. It is 2011 and I just discovered his amazing voice. The world has lost a beautiful person, but he lives on as long as people can hear his voice.

  130. I came across Iz’s song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. What a beautiful rendition of the classic. What a voice! Heaven sent to enrich the lives of others, I am sad that the world no longer has such a charismatic and charming, heartfelt soul like brudda Iz. I have only heard him and I love him, hope to meet him on the other side. Mahalo, brother.

  131. I frist heard IZ voice while watching 50 Frist Dates. somewhere over the rainbow.Why is it we lose the great ones so early.Well miss him very much .Thank you for what you have left behind .

  132. My wife and I recently made the trip of a lifetime when we finally visited Hawaii. I had heard him sing Over the Rainbow in the movie 50 First Dates, but didn’t know who he was. We went to a luau and they played Over the rainbow at there. The next day, I bought the CD Facing Future and we both fell in love with his music and soft soothing voice. He died too soon. God wanted him all to Himself.

  133. I remember when Bruddah Iz passed away and was laid in state in the Capitol. He was so special, and his music meant so much to so many of us. Every time I hear his voice, it takes me back in time to my home in Hawaii. I miss it every day here on the mainland. “In This Life” always makes me cry and it is a beautiful legacy for his wife and family.

  134. i just now heard his music and do love it I am sorry i had not found it sooner what a voice had me crying my prayers go out to his family friends

  135. Brudda Iz. Been long time you left us, but still get one big puka in my heart where you once was. Some day soon maybe I see you again and I can hear your beautiful music. Still miss you, brah.

  136. Just missing my friend. I just had to write something.

    “Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, there is only this one moment in time, that time is now. Let us all live for just this one moment. This is life, just a blink of an eye, the time we have on what we call this world.”

    I still remember our last meeting in Las Vegas in 1995. It was such a special moment in time to see him here on the mainland. This was the night of his performance to a sold out crowd.

    Mahalo my good friend for all the good times and thoughts. We will once again meet on the other side.


  137. I was first exposed to your music by my late friend Norval. I thank him for that, I love your music! Truly a blessing!

  138. On my first visit (2011) to Hawaii I heard the music of IZ and have been enchanted ever since.

  139. Just visited Oahu and words can’t explain my feelings for the land. Bought Facing Future and love the soothing sounds of Izzy’s music…saw a beautiful rainbow on the way to the airport the day we left.kinda made me feel like the island was saying good bye…now when i need a lift i can listen to an Iz tune and drift back to La’ie and be happy…thank you Iz ,and Hawaii for your beauty. God Bless.

  140. I was late getting to know him while he was with us, but I will always be a fan of his music now that I have heard him. Every once in a while someone comes along who can make sence of troubled times with a song. He was one of them. I will honor him and his music and when I walk on the beach in Hawaii, I will always think of him. Thanks IZ, see you in heaven G.M

  141. I have never heard nor seen Israel until a few weeks ago. I wanted to know who sung that beautiful song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow so i went on youtube and that is when i discovered that it was this gentle soul who was behind the voice. I didn’t know of him but i feel like he was a wonderful soul with a message for us here on earth. This particular song when i listen to it puts me in another place not of here. May God bless his gentle soul and his family & friends that he left physically left behind. He will always be in the hearts and minds of those he left behind.


  142. Greetings from Germany sends the first JFC AEB Hildesheim. You have a , made good site. Then you can be proud of. All the best for the future! I would be delighted if you visited our HP once.

    Oliver Hilski
    1st JFC AEB Hildesheim

  143. I have always loved IZ’s Over the Rainbow and played it at my beloved father’s viewing when he passed. I had no idea IZ had joined the spirits in the sky and cried today when I found out. His songs, life and soul moved me and it’s wonderful he was able to bless us all with his too-short life. May he live forever in our hearts and I hope his goodness grows like all the beautiful flowers and nature reminding us of his magic.

  144. IZ,Is the only man that can get me in a spiritial place with his vocie.The beauiful reminder is that he will always sing to all of us.

  145. Aloha My Friends:

    I came accross Iz songs my brother sent from hawaii. I really going
    to miss Iz. He brings me memories of me being there in hawaii. Will
    miss him dearly.

    Love and Prayers
    Marilyn T.

  146. I’m so grateful to be able to hear Iz’s beautiful voice; and so happy that everyone around the world is so moved by his music. Mahalo Iz, your legacy lives on…

  147. From the first time I heard the song Somewhere over the Rainbow by Iz, I absolutely loved the song. I am not Hawaiian but I have a deep appreciation and respect for all Hawaiians. Iz was a great man and I wish that I could have half the heart that he had. I hope to meet him again someday in the afterlife. Rest in peace and thank you for being such a great example for all. Mahalo nui loa.

  148. I happened on a sight that revealed the video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, sung by IZ… it made me cry. His voice creates in me feelings of calm, sweet, gladness and sadness.
    I was so captivated by his voice, and the gentle sweetness that came from him , that I started searching for other songs and videos by him.. and realized that he had passed in 1997. What a loss, but what a gift he gave and keeps on giving us, through his music. Thank you bruddah Iz, for the love and hope and inspiration you gave to the people of Hawaii, and the world.
    I hope to see you when I go to the land somewhere over the rainbow… but for now, I will continue to bring gladness into my heart by listening to your songs and watching your videos, as I have done every day since first hearing you.

  149. We first heard IZ on our 2008 trip to Hawaii. Bought most of his CD’s. There isn’t a day that passes without playing at least one of them. Never has there been or ever will be again anyone with the ethereal quality he has. His voice never fails to touch my heart. His passing was the greatest loss, but what he left us was magical. We love you IZ, Rest in Peace Brah.

  150. I love this artist. Iz’s voice was a gift from God to calm our hearts and to let us be happy. (Iz suceeded) My only sibling , my baby brother was tragically killed 58 days ago. He was 33 years old. I listen to this song and I can’t help but think of him.And all of those who have gone before us. Each day we have is a gift from God. My hope is in God and that we all will one day be reunited with those we love and lost.

  151. Thank you Iz for your beautiful voice and heart which helps me daily in my sorrow. Rest in peace brother. “Somewhere over the rainbow”

  152. IZ. You continue to live through your music. I never get tired of listening to Over the Rainbow, I’ll Remember you and many others. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but your music spells out it’s beauty. Thank you for being a part of this life. Seems many of the greats die so young.

  153. IZ, you left the world much too early, but it is a better place because of your music. Your beautiful voice speaks to your beautiful soul. You have touched millions with “Over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World.” Rest in peace my Hawaiian brother, thank you for your legacy and the recordings you left for us to enjoy always.

  154. found a couple of cassettes at garage sale for 10c what a BLESSING thank GOD for IZ!!!!

  155. When I moved to Oahu in 1993, the first concert I went to was Iz with Hawaiian Style Band at the Shell. It doesn’t get any better than that. Iz’s music IS and forever will be true Hawaiian music, capturing the soul of the people. He had the voice of an angel for such a big man. We are blessed forever to know and appreciate Iz’s music.

  156. i just want to say that since i have listened to IZ music i try to live a better life today his music is very soothing to the soul i look forward to one day meeting him on the other side

  157. To the memory of Brother Iz when I listen to your music I cry.
    from My humble Irish heart to your beautiful Hawaiian heart,
    May you rest in peace. My loss in life is that I never met you.
    May our Lord hold you in his loving arms.

    Gary Hanlon Whitehall Pa. USA

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