Pidgin English Words Starting With U

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  • I beg to differ. Pidgin is really nothing more than poorly spoken broken english Mixed with various words from native Hawaiian, multiple Asian and some spanish languages. Learn those words and the rest is simply like listening to a child who can’t talk right but makes full sentences… because that is the intention of this way of speaking to simplify it to the point so that multiple language barriers can be crossed.

  • @Puppet
    Choke, Bumboocha, Hanabata (bata part), Hamajang, Saimin, etc.

    None of these words originated from any language. These are made up words.
    With the exception of Hanabata as hana means nose in Japanese, but the bata is also made up.

  • This is a great page. I am a bit confused though when it comes to “lolo” and “pupule”. If I wanted to say “crazy spirit”, but in a good way, would it be ” ‘uhane lolo” or ” ‘uhane pupule” or something completely different?

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