Brain Surgery

“Brain Surgery” – e-Hawaii Joke

This guy walks into this doctor office and says “I would like a new brain.” The doc looks at him and says “I got three brains on the wall to choose from.”

The guy says, “How much is the first one?” The doc says, “That’s a lawyer’s brain that is $200,000.” The guy says, “I don’t like lawyers.”

The doc says, “The second one I have is a doctors brain that is $100,000.” The guy says, “Doctor’s brains have too much stress.”

The guy says, “What is the third brain in the glass case?” The doc says, “That’s a Portuguese brain that is $100,000,000.” The guy says, “WOW! I’ll take that one!” The doc says, “Why that one?” The guy says, “Portuguese don’t use their brains like the other two. So it’s still fresh…”

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  1. there is this blonde who comes home from a hard days work and goes home and opens the door and finds that her house has been broken into and robed so she calls the police and so the nearest patrolman was a k-9 unit and so he gets the call and goes to her house and the blondes best friend comes over and says “whats wrong” the blonde says well let me tell you i come home to a hard days work and find my house ransacked and burglurized and i call the police and what do they do send me a blind policeman.

  2. As a “Portagee” myself and half-islander (of Madeira archipelago) I must inform the readers: the guitar used in many Hawaiian songs was brought to the Hawaiian islands by Portuguese during the second half of the 19th century and although the older popular drums and choral singing continued, soon the guitar became the most popular instrument for Hawaiians. In 1894 a student named Joseph Kekuku from the Kamehameha Boys’ school took his comb (now replaced by a metal bar), slid it along the strings and thus created the now well know eerie glissando effect. He then proceeded to give performances all over the islands and became a sensation, widely imitated by everyone who wanted to play the guitar. Mahalo.

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