EhBrahnics (Ebonics)

“EhBrahnics (Ebonics)” – e-Hawaii Joke

You’ve heard of Ebonics…check out pidgin’s version:

I’m Hooked on EhBrahnics.

It’s the easy and quick way to converse. EhBrahnics! See for yourself how easy it is!

Before: Hello. I’ve been meaning to ask you exactly how old you actually are.
After: Howzit.  What year you grad?

Before: Pardon me. Your actions make me seriously doubt your manhood.
After: Wot. Panty?

Before: That is an excellent idea. I am in full concurrence with your plan. let us do the deal.
After: Shoots!

Before: It’s those darn tourists again. You know, they’re getting to be a pain in my side.
After: ‘Frickin Haoles!

Before: Excuse me, you seem to be blocking my path of travel.  Would you mind stepping to the side please?
After: Try move.

Before: Please officer, I give you my word that I will no longer travel in excess of the speed limit. I beg you not to write that ticket.
After: Eh, you know my uncle?

To Order EhBrahnics call 1-800-WAT-LIKE-BEEF

(Submitted via email by “JR”)

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