Japanese Personality Test

“Japanese Personality Test” – e-Hawaii Joke

This is not really a joke but we found it pretty interesting. Answers are based on Ancient Japanese Archetypes.

You are in the desert. You are traveling with 5 animals:

  • A Lion
  • A Monkey
  • A Sheep
  • A Cow and
  • A Horse

It is a long way more to the safety of civilization, and one by one, you are forced to release each animal, until you are left with only one. In what order would you get rid of each animal from your possession? Rank them and continue on below:

The desert represents hardship. Each animal represents the following:

  • A Lion – Pride
  • A Monkey – Your Children
  • A Sheep – Friendship
  • A Cow – Basic Needs
  • A Horse – Your Passion

So, in the face of hardship, you will sacrifice each of these things in turn. Your last animal represents that thing which you cling to at the expense of all others.

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