Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere

Tia Carrere
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Tie to Hawaii – Born in Honolulu.


Real Name: Althea Janairo
Height: 5′ 8″
Born: January 2, 1967 in Honolulu, HI
Ethnicity: Hawaiian, Chinese, Spanish, Filipino

Tia Carrere was born on January 2, 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Of Filipino descent, she comes from a relatively small family, consisting of her two parents (now divorced) and one younger sister Alesaundra. She assumed the name “Tia” when her younger sister could not pronounce “Althea” at a young age. The name “Carrere” came as a tribute to former James Bond Girl Barbara Carrera.

She was reportedly discovered by an agent while shopping at Safeway Supermarket. Carrere began working as a model and commercial actress which led to her being cast in a number of guest spots on such series as The A-Team and MacGyver. She soon started to pursue her childhood dream (she’s had voice lessons since the age of 11) – to become a popular singer – and even released an album called “Dream,” but an indifferent music market prompted her to revert back to acting.

She is best known for her role as Cassandra – the sultry singer in Wayne’s World – but has also played prominent roles in several other blockbusters including Rising Sun (Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes), True Lies (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curits), and High School High (Jon Lovitz).

Tia is married to Lebanese-Italian man Elie Samaha, and has been together with him since November 22, 1992. They currently own their own production company named Phoenician Films.


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0 thoughts on “Tia Carrere

  1. Tia Carrere is NOT HAWAIIAN. Neither of her parents are of Hawaiian decent. So let’s stay real please. Whatever information she gave is not the truth. I know, she grew up on Kalaepaa Drive and the entire block knew everybody. We all know she’s not Hawaiian. She might want to be or she wants everyone to think she is, but she’s not. She was just born and raised in Hawaii. It doesn’t make you Hawaiian.

  2. e real was spot on. Im sick of people who aren’t Hawaiian, saying they are. Why does she keep saying she is when she’s not? She used to admit that she wasn’t Hawaiian back in the day.. her family would do interviews on local tv and say her ethnicities are filipino, chinese and a little bit spanish now all of a sudden she’s lying and saying she’s Hawaiian? Wow, all of a sudden you try to release a Hawaiian album and are saying you’re Hawaiian? It’s all good if you want to release a Hawaiian album but don’t lie about your ethnicity. Keep it real. It’s like BJ Penn, how he originally said he’s not Hawaiian then all of a sudden he’s saying his mom is part Hawaiian? LOL come on! Then he’s doing Kau Inoa commercials? Really? He’s not Hawaiian.. there’s no such thing as “Hawaiian at heart”. You are either ethnically of indigenous Hawaiian descent or not… there’s no in betweens. If you are not, then stop calling yourself Hawaiian. People think that it’s okay because people who live in California call themselves Californians and people in Texas call themselves Texans so why not call yourself Hawaiian if you live in Hawai’i. The difference.. there’s a actual ethnity called Hawaiian… there is no ethnicity called Californian who you could be insulting by claiming to be “Californian”. If you are white and live in Asia would you call yourself Asian? NO!

  3. I agree with e real. Im sick of non Hawaiians claiming to be Hawaiian. Keep it real. Her and her family always said she was filipino, chinese and a little spanish.. they never mentioned Hawaiian.. now all of a sudden you wanna release a Hawaiian album and you’re Hawaiian? Really?

    Its not like how California people call themselves Californians.. or how Texas people call themselves Texans.. if you’re from Hawaii you shouldnt be calling yourself Hawaiian because theres a actual ethnicity called Hawaiians..

    If you were a white person living in Asia would you call yourself Asian? NO! Because you know better. You should know better then to call yourself Hawaiian unless you are descendant of actual indigenous Hawaiians.

  4. People stop being flaky and fussy about her ethnicity! If she were born and raised in Hawaiian soil and water, I think she got her reason to feel herself and call herself as Hawaiian. She has beautiful tropical look in her anyway. If not descent a Hawaiian, she could still pass the look. I don’t care what anyone says, Go Tia!

  5. I have to agree with e real and Kuʻualoha! If you are from Hawaiʻi or have been raised here then you would know why we hawaiian people are fussy and flaky about ethnicity. If you do not know about hawaiian history and Hawaiʻiʻs past and why we are fussy and picky about ethnicity, then you shouldnʻt comment. I do love Tia, and yes you go tia! but no one should claim something that they are not. Especially if that person is a public figure, it make you seem like nothing but a liar and a fake. A public figure has the power to influence and their message should be about being true.

    Yes, people can claim to be from Hawaiʻi, and thatʻs all great because we take them all, but as a Native indigenous Hawaiian it is insulting to our ancestors to reap the benefits and glory of a Native Hawaiian when your not.

    I agree with Gotia about her having a beautiful tropical look, but have to deny you the right to say that she could pass with a hawaiian look. She is the embodiment of Filipino features, not hawaiian ones. What the TV portray and the Continental United State people imagine as Native Hawaiian is two completely different people. If you see a true Native Hawaiian, and then you look at Tia, you would change your mind as well. The world may think that Native Hawaiians look like Tia, but they are badly mistake.

    I hope this finds you all well. Just my manaʻo as a person that have both parents who are pure Hawaiian, and grandparents on both side that are pure Hawaiian, and who has never saw anyone that looks like Tia Carrere related to me, or eating at my families dinner table, pulling off our Hawaiian look.

    Kamakahila Kamahele

  6. I am a Californian, because I was BORN in California, as were my Mother and Father, and their parents too. All of us “True Californians”, even though not one of us has any Indian Blood. Get it? Tia Carrere IS Hawaiian because she was BORN in Hawaii!
    In America, US Americans refer to ourselves as BEING Californians, or Hawaiians, or Iowans, by BIRTH, not by blood. Hawaii became a State of America in 1959. Beautiful Tia became a Hawaiian the moment she was born in 1967.
    The comments from the jealous little chickens, above, who are “blood Hawaiians”, reminds me of other comments I heard while I was in in Nicaragua in 1989, shooting (pictures, not people)for a book…”We too are Americans,” many Nicaraguans said to me. They wanted to feel they were a part of the Wealth and Freedom of the United States of America, so they clung to the little pseudo-technicality that Central America IS America. The jealous little chickens’ technicality of BLOOD does not, today, hold WATER! Ha!

  7. Tia is strikingly beautiful and smart, and if she claimed to be Hawaiian, well , snobby Hawaiians should be proud that someone as pretty as her represents Hawaii. Isn’t she not your sister if you share the same love of a place where you were born and raised? You must also realize that it is possible that the media is the culprit, not the person targeted. Could it also be true that she is as proud of her Filipino ethnicity as you are with your Hawaiian and that she is proud of being from Hawaii and will do everything in her power for the world to know how great and wonderful place Hawaaii is coupled of course with self promotion and vindication. All is good, a comment is just a comment. Take the good, eradicate the bad. For Tia, beauty is only skin deep, what really matters is the inside.

  8. This message is for e real : Really? e real? & you Ku’ualoha .. Please both of you get a life!!! You have nothing nice to say, just firm your holes & buzz off!! So who cares about where anyone is born.. First people talk about Obama, & where he was born , & now who cares if he is Hawaiian or not? any one that is born in a city they can call it their birth place, & if you are a bit more informed, you will realize; there are Japanese Hawaiians’ there are local Hawaiians & Korean & Filipinos all over the Islands!! & there are so many mixed & different breeds, that it’s no longer important to be a racist! & that it what it’s called USA….!!! Please get a life. & focus on something more constructive & more positive than being on the rag!

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