Are You Portuguese?

“Are You Portuguese?” – e-Hawaii Joke

One day a Portuguese man walked into a store. He walked up to the counter and said to the attendant “May I please have a spicy Portuguese sausage?”

The attendant replied “Oh, are you Potagee?”

“You know, I kind of resent that”, said the man. “If I had said I wanted an Italian sausage would you have asked me if I was Italian?”

“No, sir”, said the store attendant.

“Well then how come you asked if I was Portuguese?”, shouted the man.

“Cause this is one hardware store”, said the attendant.

(Submitted via email by “Shannon”)

6 thoughts on “Are You Portuguese?

  1. There is a Portagee kid a pool and the life guard says ” hey stop pissing in da pool ! ” and the kid says ” but all da kids piss in da pool ” and the lifeguard says ” yeah dat may be but… not from da diving board! “

  2. and next time u want to make a joke about a nationality learn how to spell it right PORTUGUESE!!!!!

  3. Listen up the hawaii jokes are written in “pidgeon english” in hawaii pidgeon english is not written in correct spelling its written as it sounds, so these jokes are all in fun & not to offend anyone. As I am a local born & raised in Hawaii dont criticize our “pidgeon” or say, if we are going to make jokes to spell portuguese correctly if this page is not your turf then dont read our “hawaii jokes” it is not for you. Obviously you are not from “hawaii”.

  4. I count at least 26 jokes about Portuguese. I quite agree with them unfortunately and I’m from Portugal. Jokes are jokes, Sofia, everyone has the right to make’em. Live and laugh, as I always say. I’m very fond of Hawaiian culture, especially their music which I listen to often and consider truly exceptional. My hearts melts each and every time I listen to Queen Lili’uokalani Aloha ‘Oe. Tia Carrere’s version and voice are simply wonderful too, as many other tunes and artists. Mahalo Hawai’i.

  5. WTF is a portagee? Is that a new name the US has for Portuguese people. Now that offends me. I’d rather be call a pork chop than a portagee. That right Sofia PORTUGUESE and if you still cant spell it va pa porra.

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