Moki’s Wish

“Moki’s Wish” – e-Hawaii Joke

Dis rich plantation ownah was having one big luau at his place. He stay tell his guests to come outside and spark the huge shark swimming around in his backyard pool. He make one offah to anyone who can swim up and back without being shark kau kau dat night. He tell “you fella can choose from one of da three choices if you survive”.

One, all da kala I own. Two, my vast plantation. Or numba three, my beautiful kumu wife.


Moki, da houseboy, is in the pool and off he goes. He stay go fo’ ‘brok. The buggah tink he one Johnny Weismuller or someting l’dat with the shark on his okole. He finish up and back and hop out dripping wet. The ownah yell out, “You buggah made it?” Now let me guess, you must want my kala? Moki is gasping for air as he says “no”. Well den, you must want my huge plantation? Moki, still breathing hard says “no”. Oh, I get it, you like my beautiful kumu sexy wife, right? Again, da same answer, “no”. Finally, everyone including the plantation ownah is confused.

“Eh, Moki, den what the hell you like?”

Everybody stay quiet and waits for Moki to speak…


(Submitted via email by “Clinton”)

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