Cars In Heaven

“Cars In Heaven” – e-Hawaii Joke

“Doc, I had one terrible dream last night,” said Kimo to his Psychiatrist. “I wen dream dat I wen die and wen go to see da braddah in heaven, and he told me dat if I’d never cheated on my wife I could drive a luxury car around heaven forever! But he said if I wen cheat on her one time, I had to drive one mid-size car forever, and if I wen cheat on her twice, I had to drive a compact car, and if I wen cheat on her tree times, I had to drive one sub-compact, and if I’d cheated …”

“Wait brah! You’ve never cheated on your wife at all, have you Kimo?”

“No, and that’s what I told da braddah up dea, Doc. So he gave me dis big luxury car with all the extras, and off I drove.”

“What’s so bad about that? Sound like one good dream to me.”

“Well, I was driving along in dat thing, and came across my wife…

She was riding one bicycle with two flat tires.”

(Submitted via email by Dennis)

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