Chinese 101 Exam

“Chinese 101 Exam” – e-Hawaii Joke

1. We have reason you are hiding a fugitive   a. Hu ya hai ding
2. Approach me   b. Shai gai
3. Stupid fellow   c. Tai ni po ni
4. Inquiry to determine if bus is due   d. Ni ahn
5. Oriental swindlers   e. Ai ban mai ni
6. Not very good   f. Kum hia
7. Small horse prices are too high here   g. Tai ni bei bi
8. Premature infant   h. Wai so dim
9. I would reconsider your purchase   i. Hip sing ur
10. Crowning achievement of U.S. space program   j. Ten ding ba
11. Lighting used for advertising   k. Hu rang er lee
12. I left a call for 9 o’clock and it’s only 8 o’clock   l. No bai dam ting
13. Cigarettes are dangerous to your health   m. Wa Shing kah
14. One who serves drinks to people   n. Jah ni ka sun
15. You trying to save electricity?   o. Hu flung dung
16. He was a late night show talk host   p. Chin to fat
17. Bashful man   q. Dum gai
18. Vocalist with jazz band   r. Moon lan ding
19. I bumped into a coffee table   s. Hao long wei ting
20. Which one of you fertilized the field?   t. Lao zi
21. Cleaning automobile   u. No tsmo king
22. Have you considered a face lift?   v. Khan men
Answer Key: 1-a, 2-f, 3-q, 4-s, 5-v, 6-t, 7-c, 8-g, 9-l, 10-r, 11-d, 12-k, 13-u, 14-j, 15-h, 16-n, 17-b, 18-i, 19-e, 20-o, 21-m, 22-p.

“Doc, I had one terrible dream last night,” said Kimo to his Psychiatrist. “I wen dream dat I wen die and wen go to see da braddah in heaven, and he told me dat if I’d never cheated on my wife I could drive a luxury car around heaven forever! But he said if I wen cheat on her one time, I had to drive one mid-size car forever, and if I wen cheat on her twice, I had to drive a compact car, and if I wen cheat on her tree times, I had to drive one sub-compact, and if I’d cheated …”

(Submitted via email by Dennis)

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