Haole’s Night Out

“Haole’s Night Out” – e-Hawaii Joke

One night at a bar, a haole guy ordered a beer. Holding the beer up as if giving a toast, he yelled “T-G-I-F!”, and guzzled it down.

A Hawaiian guy at the other end of the bar held up his beer and yelled “S-H-I-T!”, and guzzled it down.

The haole ordered another beer, held it up, once again yelled “T-G-I-F!”, and guzzled it down.

The Hawaiian ordered another beer also, held it up, and yelled once more “S-H-I-T!”

The bartender finally said to the haole guy “What is T-G-I-F?”. The haole guy replied “Thank God It’s Friday!”

Turning to the Hawaiin guy, the bartender asked “And what does S-H-I-T stand for?”

“Stupid Haole, It’s Thursday!”, said the Hawaiian.

(Submitted via email by “Shannon”)

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