Chinese Supplies

“Chinese Supplies” – e-Hawaii Joke

There was a Hawaiian, a Samoan, and a Chinese guy applying for work at a construction site. The manager looks at the Hawaiian and says, “You look pretty big, you can lift all the heavy lumber.” He looks at the Samoan guy, “You look pretty big too, you can carry all the bricks, and cement.” He looks at the Chinese guy, and goes, “Hmm, you’re a little small, but, you can be in charge of the supplies.”

Later that day the manager goes to check on his new employees. The Hawaiian guy was busy carrying all the lumber, the Samoan guy was moving the bricks and cement, but he couldn’t find the Chinese guy anywhere. The Chinese guy jumps out from behind the wall and yells, “Supplies!”

(Submitted via email by “Leilani”)

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