Haole Eye-Opener

“Haole Eye-Opener” – e-Hawaii Joke

Late one Saturday night, a haole guy and his girlfriend pulled off the highway and parked in a cane field so they could be alone.

Just as the guy shut off his engine, several Hawaiians jumped out of the sugar cane and began hitting his car with baseball bats. The haole and his girlfriend held each other and cowered with fear!

After the Hawaiians beat the car for several minutes, one of them shattered the windshield with his bat.

“What do you guys want?,” shouted the terrified haole.

The Hawaiian looked through the broken window and said “Like buy kulolo?”

(Submitted via email by “Shannon”)

3 thoughts on “Haole Eye-Opener

  1. We’ll spend all our tourism $$$$ where the people don’t have this hating, racist attitude. Our planet has many incredibly beautiful places with welcoming residents. Now who’s laughing?

  2. @ Elaine- I stay laughing you damn clown…. take your worthless money else where. we no like your crack ass hea anyways… What you never read the context!!! Dis is a JOKE you crackajack… LOOK who LOOK Stupid now… DA HAOLE 🙂

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