OCCC Escapees

“OCCC Escapees” – e-Hawaii Joke

One day three men from OCCC was planning an escape. They dug a deep hole under the fence and made their escape. The guards were chasing them down fiercely with hunting dogs. The three men ran for cover and each climbed up the mango trees.

The dogs led the guards to the first tree. The dogs were barking loud and the Hawaiian guy was nervous and scared. He thought quickly and made the sound of a bird chirping. The guards soon thought that the dogs lost the trail of one of the escapees and let the dogs go on to another scent of an inmate.

The dogs led the guards to another mango tree. This time it was a Chinese guy. Quickly thinking of how the Hawaiian guy outsmarted the guards, the Chinese guy started to hoot like an owl. The guards again left the tree and went on to another scent that the other dogs picked up.

This time it was the Portuguese guy. The Portuguese guy thought he had it made. He knew that the Hawaiian and the Chinese guys outsmarted the prison guards and he too had a plan. The Portuguese guy said,”Mooooo.”

The guards looked up into the tree and saw the Portuguese guy and arrested him.

(Submitted via email by “Michelle”)

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