Business Golf

“Business Golf” – e-Hawaii Joke

An American salesman in Japan happens to have a meeting with a Japanese executive to discuss the deal of his life. Millions of dollars are at stake and the American hits it off with the Japanese executive. At the end of the day long meeting the Japanese executive invites the American to play golf with him the next day at which time they will close the deal.

The American knows a little Japanese and says domo “arigato” (thank you) and “sayonara” (goodbye) and returns to his hotel. He is so excited he can’t get to sleep. It is a tremendous honor to be asked to play golf with this gentleman. He decides to reward himself and he goes to a local geisha house. He gets a girl, goes back to one of the rooms and they start having sex. He’s all excited and he really starts getting into it. All of a sudden the woman starts screaming, “Tatagoochie! Tatagoochie!” He figures, he must be doing real well, she must be loving this, so he continues, more vigorously. She continues to yell “Tatagoochie! Tatagoochie!”. Wow, he thinks, I must be doing real well.

He eventually finishes, leaving her in a heap on the floor mumbling “Tatagoochie! Tatagoochie!”. He dresses, and leaves marveling at his great day impressed that she liked him so much.

The next day, he goes out to the golf club. He and the Japanese executive play. Things are going very well as they approach the third hole, par 3, 185 yards. The Japanese executive has honors, steps up, hits a beautiful 7 wood which bounces in front of the green, onto the green and right into the cup. . . a hole in one!

The American decides to impress the Japanese executive with his Japanese, applauds and says “Tatagoochie!, Tatagoochie!”

The Japanese executive looks at him and says, “What you mean, wrong hole?”

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