Pearly Gates

“Pearly Gates” – e-Hawaii Joke

One day Kimo comes home from work all distressed and worried. Kimo tells his mother that he is worried about getting into heaven.

Therefore, Kimo tells his mom “Ma if I should ever pass away before you, please bury 2 Akule on my grave.”

Kimo’s mom says: “Kimo, no talk like that! Besides why would you want me to bury 2 Akule on your grave?”

Kimo replies: “The fish is an offering to god so I am in good faith with him.”

Kimo’s mom says: “Okay Kimo I will carry out your wish.”

The next day as Kimo was going to work he was blind-sided by a drunk driver and was killed instantly. Soon after that at the funeral Kimo’s mother carried out his last wish and buried two Akule on his grave. As Kimo ascended into the heavens he reached the pearly gates and St. Peter was there to greet him. So Kimo holds out his two Akule and tells St. Peter that this is his offering and to please let him into heaven.

St. Peter looks at Kimo and says: It’s not that easy Kimo, you have to sacrifice to get in. I’m going to have to ask you turn around bend over and I have to shove the 2 Akule in you’re okole!”

Kimo thinks and says: “Okay whatever it takes to get into heaven.”

As St. Peter pushes the first Akule in, he hears Kimo start to giggle, “hee-hee-hee.”

St. Peter thinks it’s a little odd and starts to push the second Akule in Kimo’s okole and hears Kimo start to laugh.

St. Peter asks: “Hey Kimo how come you laughing? You supposed to be sacrificing and in discomfort.”

Kimo says: “I was just thinking about my friend Manny, he was with me when we died. His mother buried him with a Marlin!”

(Submitted via email by “Ikaika”)

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