Hawaiian Brain Teaser

“Hawaiian Brain Teaser” – e-Hawaii Joke

A Hawaiian man has two bottles of medication. One bottle contains Pill A and the other bottle contains Pill B. He must take one Pill A and one Pill B every day for the rest of his life or it could be life threatening. If he takes more than one Pill A per day it will be fatal. If he takes more than one Pill B per day it will also be fatal.

One day the man pours out one Pill A into his hand. He then mistakenly pours out two Pill Bs into the same hand. Both Pill A and Pill B look exactly alike with no distinguishing printing on them. He knows that he has one Pill A and two Pill Bs in his hand but he does not know which is which. Since each pill costs over a hundred dollars, throwing them away is not an option to him. What should he do with the pills in his hand?

A) Take another pill A from the bottle and cut them all in half. Take each half from the four pills and consume. This equals one A and one B pill.

(Submitted via email by “Dennis”)

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